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How can I be sure of a perfect fit?

We have been online for three years but have been customizing apparel for three generations. So, we have a great deal of experience and knowledge in custom tailoring business. About half our online clients are repeat customers who were once new to us online. The only time we have problems delivering a perfect fit is when incomplete or incorrect information is sent to us. We sometimes receive suits that need very small adjustments to fully meet client expectations, usually in the form of adjustments to waist size, shorter sleeves, a longer inseam, etc.
We are very confident that our tailoring will meet any and all expectations.

When an order is delivered we are always accessible from anywhere in the world by email to resolve any issues you have with the quality of our work. We have never received a complaint about the timeliness of our response. It may take us 18 to 24 hours to reply to your inquiry, but we are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to get the order right. Our customer testimonials attest to the quality of our work.
Should there be any adjustments needed we will work with you to get them done as quickly as possible. We only ask that you cover shipping expenses associated with getting work completed.

One of the reasons we get the order right on a very consistent basis is the integrity of our measurement forms. They are comprehensive and exacting in getting your measurements accurately and efficiently. online. Apart from our measurement forms, we provide online video tutorials that assist you in taking the measurements. Clicking on the camera icon will play the short video for each measurement.

When we receive measurements, we review them carefully to check for possible errors and discrepancies. When we identify issues that need clarification or review, we get back to the client and ask for confirmation of certain measurements and supply guidelines for what we think certain proportions should be. Only after receiving confirmation do we complete the order. We request that clients send us front, back and side view images to serve as one more indication of a correct measurement profile.

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