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How do I send digital images to use with my order?

Digital images you send to use with your order should be in the following format:
- Full frontal
- Full back
- Full left profile and full right profile
The images should be taken against a dark background for good contrast. They can be taken with very light clothes on or simply wearing undergarments. Each image should be no larger than 100 kb. and the images should be in the JPEG format that ends in the extension .jpg. Since multiple images will probably be sent, it is advisable to zip them before transmission to make for easier uploads and downloads.
Please send the images as attachments addressed to and remember to include the following information in the subject field and body of the message along with the attachment(s):
- Your full name
- Your customer number
- Your order number if you have already submitted your order. This is not necessary if an order that has not been submitted, though you MUST REMEMBER to confirm that your images have been sent to us in the special request section of the order placement process when the order is submitted.
- Remember to use the same email address when sending images that you use for your order placement.
Contact us should you have additional questions regarding this subject.

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  13. What if I am an odd size with parts of my physique larger or smaller than other parts of my physique? Such as, what if my neck is a lot larger than the rest of my proportions or what if my sleeves are extra short compared to the rest of me?
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