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Best Women And Men Custom Tailor Online

My Custom Tailors introduces clients to the joy, satisfaction, and convenience of the Custom Tailoring Experience, educates them to the related benefits, and helps them transition to the world of ordering and enjoying custom made clothing.
This page assists anyone who has never ordered with us before or has never experienced custom tailoring. Nothing compares to picking your own cloths, choosing your own styles, and selecting the exact colors you desire. My Custom Tailor Reviews from thousands of satisfied customers will encourage you to try the world of custom clothing.
Custom clothing is configured and made to suit individual personalities; custom clothing evokes a strong, distinguished, non-verbal impression. Bespoke clothing is made specifically to your measurements and shape in providing a perfect fit and a striking appearance.
Our bespoke tailoring expertise allows you to choose from a vast range of fabrics and colors for your custom made suits , shirts, and related accessories. Custom tailoring is ideal for ordering tuxedos and Dinner suits (frock coats) for black tie events. Vests and waistcoats, topcoats and overcoats, women's skirts, men's and women's shorts, women's dresses, golf pants and plus-fours for men and women are all part of the My Custom Tailors collection portfolio.
Custom styles and designs, made-to-measure, can be facilitated from pictures or sketches that you forward to our tailors to replicate. Our clients receive LIFE TIME ALTERATIONS to accommodate their needs as their weight varies over time.
Here are a few tips to help you order made-to-measure, bespoke garments at to help you get things chosen and ordered correctly.

Step 1 : Submit sizes for your custom made suits, shirts, and other accessories

  • First, you will create an account and a size profile by logging into 'My Accounts' . Here you submit your complete set of sizes, send in sizes extracted from existing garments that fit well, or submit off-the-rack garment sizes with any adjustments you want made. Another option is shipping us your well-fitting suit, shirt, skirt, or jacket for custom replication.
  • Measurement forms Measurement forms forms can be downloaded from our web site and short video clips and sketches are provided to make the process easy and efficient. Our expertise and experience enable us to ensure fitting accuracy of 98% which makes for a better fit than 99.99% of off-the-rack clothing.
  • Front, side and back silhouette photos can be emailed to us in helping properly proportion your garments. These are submitted using the easy-to-follow 'send sizes to copy' function in your account profile.
  • Our patent-pending Size Variable Formulas ensure that any error or seeming inconsistency in measurements is quickly identified and communicated back to the client for clarification and reconfirmation.

Step 2: Choosing fabrics, styles, and colors for your custom clothes

Our complete inventory is displayed within five distinct collection groups, which are differentiated in terms of fabric composition, finishing, and price. Choose from Classic, Premium, Superior/Exclusive, Deluxe, Heritage Gold and Designer Brand Collections. The differences between these collections are summarized below:

Custom Dress Shirts

  • For custom made dress shirts, the fabrics in the Classic Collections are typically 2 by 2 cottons, pure and blends, as well as silk blends. These are wrinkle resistance, easy care fabrics perfect for everyday use.
  • The Premium and Exclusive Shirts Collection encompasses fabrics made from mostly 2 and 3-ply long staple fibers with a soft feel, look and texture. These fabrics are mostly Swiss or Egyptian Cottons and are very wrinkle resistant.
  • Our Deluxe and Heritage Gold Shirts are made from extra-long fibers in broad cloths, poplins and other high-end materials. They are mostly 3-ply with tight weaves and a rich feel.
  • The custom shirts from our Designer Brands are mostly Sea Island 3-ply cotton with a smooth finish. This is the top of the line in shirts.

Bespoke Custom Made Business Suits, Dress Shirts and Coats for Men and Women

The Classic Collections
Our Classic Collections provides great value and is our least expensive offering. These light-to-medium weight fabrics are made in Thailand and have a higher synthetic content, around 35%, to make them extremely wrinkle resistant, durable and easy to maintain. 'Wears like a Tank" is how some of our clients describe these cloths. These fabrics are a very cost effective option for custom shirts, custom suits, custom jackets, custom pants, coats and more.

The Premiums
The next level is our Premium Collections where the cloths reflect a lighter texture that makes them drape well. They have a higher wool component than Classic Collections fabrics. These fabrics are very popular due to their relative price point and frequent savings opportunities offered in our special offers section.

The Exclusive Collections
These fabrics are light to medium weight fabrics with 100% wool or minimal synthetic blends. They have a softer drape and fall, and are richer in look and feel. This is our most popular collection with an 80% repeat order frequency.

The Deluxe Collections
Deluxe Fabrics are imported from countries like Italy, France and the U.K. and are 100% pure wools and cashmeres, unless otherwise specified. They are highly desirable fabrics with an extremely rich feel, a high drape, and strong crease recovery. If you are looking for a luxurious suit at an affordable price, this is the collection for you. The suits in this collection provide the premium, luxury feel of a suit that often sells for more in a retail store.

The Heritage Gold Collections
The cloths in our Heritage Gold Collections are sourced from top-end suppliers and European Mills. They are among the most luxurious wool fabrics available; mostly super 130's and above with a smooth texture, a fantastic drape, and a super soft feel. Our custom tailors make high quality garments from these exceptional fabrics at reasonable prices that provide great value.

The Designer Brands Collections
Fabrics in the Designer Brands Collections are premium-branded fabrics such as Dormuiel, Holland and Sherry, D&G, Reda, Wien Shield, Scabal and others. Custom made suits from these materials in the UK cost upwards of GBP 3000 and in the USA cost upwards of USD 4000. The Designer Brands Collections is for the extremely discerning, brand-conscious dresser that wants to own custom clothing made from the finest materials available.

Tweeds, Cottons, Chinos, Denims, Twills, Lycra, Linens and silks

  • Our tweeds range from classic Harris Tweed to traditional English and Scottish tweeds
  • Our cotton collection includes cotton chinos, Docker Cottons, cotton twills, oxfords and cotton Lycra for casual pants, chinos and shorts
  • Silks for men's shirts and women's blouses as well as evening shirts and tops can be found in the classic and premium collections

Don't let the wide range of collections confuse or overwhelm you. We offer multiple options in meeting every conceivable wardrobe requirement and preference. If you are not sure of what fabric or style to order, contact our customer service department for recommendations or for answers to any questions you have.
We have years of experience helping clients specify exactly what they want. We also offer fabric swatch sets that you can order to get a direct feel for the fabrics and review the colors.

Step 3: Choose styles and fabrics for your custom clothing wardrobe that suit you best
There are tried and true principles in the world of custom tailoring that help guide clients to specify styles and that work best for their specific measurements:

What tall men and women should know:

  • Lighter colors suits add width to a slim and tall suit.
  • Two and three button suits work best for tall frames as long as the suit has relatively high-cut lapels/gorge
  • Keep the amount of cuff you show to a minimum
  • Ask for a proper amount of break in your trousers, so your long legs don't look too long
  • Don't order suits with oversized, padded shoulders
  • Don't wear extra-slim ties; ties with a bit extra width won't appear to elongate your torso
  • Don't buy pointy dress shoes that accentuate the length of your feet. Buy a slightly rounded-toe shoe.
  • When you are tall, your clothes should be designed to neutralize your height, to keep things in proportion. Accessories that cut across your body, such as belts, quarter folded pocket squares and horizontally striped ties, help accomplish this.
  • Order plain, textured or plaid pattern fabrics for your shirts; avoid bold stripes

What short men and petite woman should know:

  • A pant leg with very little break will help you look taller
  • Show some cuffs to lengthen the look of your arms
  • A Peak lapel on short men suits helps elongate your physique
  • A lower button stance creates long lines which serves to stretch you out
  • Belts make you look shorter; the more pared down you are, the taller you will appear. So ditch the belt; if your suit fits properly, your pants will stay in place. Or, use suspenders instead.
  • Wear slender shoes
  • Shorter men look good with bold patterns. Bold stripes, pinstripes, Glen Plaid and Prince of Wales are classic styles for shirts and suits.
  • In order to give a broad look, go with rope shoulders and a high armhole

What large men and women should know:

  • Wearing a pocket square brings the focus to your chest, not your midsection
  • Keep your jacket buttoned unless you are sitting down
  • Wear a simple, elegant plain shirt; avoid plaids and checks
  • Wear flat front pants; they can be engineered to be comfortable , even without pleats
  • Avoid super skinny ties and lapels; proportion with your torso is the key
  • Don't wear a roomy suit; it doesn't make you look slimmer, it tends to make you look sloppy
  • Avoid having to choose between belting your pants above or below your belly; wear suspenders and float your waist
  • Don't wear strong patterns as they only emphasize your girth. Choose a simple dark suit, a light colored or pencil striped shirt, and a dark tie.
  • Choose shoes that have a substantial sole, providing a solid anchor to support your weight

What men with an athletic built should know:

  • A solid Athletic built doesn't mean your suit should be larger than your true size
  • Two-button jackets sync up well with the V-shape of your torso
  • Low collar shirts work well with a thicker neck
  • Your jacket will likely be taken in at the sides
  • You can wear narrow-cut trousers; it's your chest that needs room, not your ankles
  • Don't wear peak lapels. Your chest and shoulders are broad enough - no need to accentuate them.
  • Don't wear a pocket square. It's not necessary to call more attention to your already well-formed chest.

Waist Management

Where - and how - your upper half meets your lower half requires you to consider some key design considerations

  • A short torso and long legs require you to avoid pleated, high-waist pants that exaggerate the shorter upper half of your body. Look for suits with flat front trousers that sit lower on your hips, the way jeans do.
  • A long torso and short legs require you to avoid low rise pants. You want to build on pant style that sits a bit higher on the hips. Choose standard or high rise pants that look good with your specific build.
  • Extra-wide hips should encourage you to keep your suit Jacket on which will call attention to your shoulders, not your broad waist/hips. Look for suit jackets with side vents that help break up your wide backside.

Dress and Business Shirts for Men and Women

A Dress and Business Mens custom shirts is uniquely defined by its collar, so the following points apply for different facial variables.

Tall or oval face with a long neck:

  • Full-cut shirts must show half an inch of shirt cuff
  • White contrast collars and cuffs break up length
  • Amply proportioned spread collars
  • Broadly spaced, fine-lined stripes, tattersall check, windowpanes, and horizontal stripes

Broad Face and thick Short Neck

  • Vertical shirt collars or tab collars or collars with long points
  • Solid, striped, or patterned neckwear
  • Shirt with strong stripes

Additional Feature Options

Apart from our standard specifications, designed to give your custom suits a high-end touch, we provide unique finishing optional:
  • Floating hand basted canvas construction and a special soft lining
  • Real "Horn Buttons or Mother of Pearl buttons"
  • Working sleeve buttons (surgeon's sleeves) and hand stitching on the lapels
  • Monograms that give personalized touch and a signature tailored look

Step 4: Submitting your order

  • Choose the collection you wish to order from, then select the type of custom garment you want from the categories list that appears inside each collection
  • Select the style you want to order from among the various collections outlined
  • Clicking on the style icon will display a full list of available fabrics. Clicking on the fabric name will show you available colors.
  • Choose your fabric and color and click on the 'Next' button to place the custom item in your shopping cart
  • Follow the prompts to add special or custom features you want, using the special requests page that displays during the order placement process.
  • Special requests or deviations from selected styles will then be incorporated into your order

Should you face any problem or have any questions while submitting the order, email us the following information and we will work with you to manually input your order.

  • Item(s) ordered
  • Fabric number(s) for each item
  • Style number(s) for each item
  • Color(s) for each item
  • Special requests if any, for each item

Once the order is submitted, we manually post the order into your account and request that you submit payment details so we can execute the order. If you require any assistance for fabric recommendations, color selections and styles, please contact us and our expert customer service staff will promptly reply.

Our Travelling Tailors visit the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and selective European countries one to three times a year. Fill in our Road Show Form and we will keep you updated on when we will next visit your city or a city near you. Don't hesitate to experience custom tailoring to see how much better quality and fit you get compared to off-the-rack clothing. You will likely pay about the same. You are what you wear - so why compromise?

Your Master Tailor.