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Women Suits And Formal Attire Must Be Custom Made


Women are usually very conscious of their appearance in terms of how they dress and how they look. Their role in society often determines how focused they are on the image they portray. Young women view fashion differently than older women. Professional women are usually more fashion conscious than students, stay at home moms or retirees. Every woman experiences occasions where they desire to "dress up". Women’s preferences for where they buy their clothes depend on what they need, what they want, and what their budget will accommodate.

There is a distinct category of women who choose to wear suits as part of their regular dress regimen. This category includes women who work in the business world and women professionals such as lawyers, doctors, professors, diplomats, government officials, etc. The range of suits that typically grace their closets includes formal and business women suits that feature women custom skirts or women custom pants, casual suits, and more sporty suits. Women find it difficult to rely on a single source for making all these purchases; most women choose multiple retail outlets to serve all their fashion needs.

Women’s preferences for what to wear, or what they deem acceptable to wear, are changing. Women continue to evolve as leaders and change agents within many private, public and government organizations. Confidence in their abilities, personalities, roles, and influence enables women to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable, empowered, and distinguished. Frequently, this confidence gives them the self-assurance to eschew traditional dress norms and expectations when choosing the type of suit style they choose to wear.

Women approach the daily decision of what to wear differently than men. Women often make decisions based multiple considerations:

    How much or little to express femininity

    How much to neutralize or accentuate body shape or size

    A desire to reflect a strong dress contrast to, or a facsimile of, men they interact or work with

    How they feel on any given day

    The agenda for any given day

    How prominent is the role they will fulfill on any given day

    What kind of makeup, hair style and shoes

Unfortunately, society too often judges women on how they look. This may influence them to show more or less flesh, wear figure-hugging apparel, wear more or less jewelry, wear provocative shoes/hose, etc. They may choose to wear a dress when some sort of suit may be a better option. Increasingly women feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in trying to accentuate or exaggerate how they look or in trying to satisfy perceived expectations. This can clearly be distressful or insulting to many women. Trying to “fit in” or meet perceived expectations can lead to trying to make impressions that are not necessarily in their best interests. Like most everyone, women want to be judged on what they do, what they say, and how they perform.

Increasingly, women are not amenable to having outside influences mandate or suggest what they should wear. In gaining power and independence, women want functional clothing that looks good and provides easy access to things they need at a moment’s notice. Why should a woman have to dive into a handbag to grab her cell phone or keys? It isn’t practical to carry a bag everywhere you go. Carrying essential enabling items in their hands isn’t the answer either.  Women’s suits traditionally have been designed with small pockets that aren’t able to accommodate common items that women want immediate access to.

So, what choices do women have in choosing suits that help them look good, feel comfortable, and provide functionality all day? Women don’t have the same choices as men. Finding retail outlets that cater to women’s needs for suits are rare. Department stores often leave women discouraged and frustrated with what is offered. Experienced, enriched women often choose a specialty retail option or a custom tailoring source that caters to their specific needs.  They grudgingly determine that anything they attempt to choose “off the rack” is often not a preferred style or color. These selections will almost always require tailoring to fit correctly.

Men can get away with buying a “mass produced” style or fit; that approach seldom works well for women.  The key obstacle for women choosing to work with high-end specialty retailers or custom tailors is the high cost. They have the perception that getting custom measured and fitted with styles that serve them best will cost them upwards of $500 to $1000+ dollars.

What about styling and design? Women have two basic choices in the type of suit they buy, pant suits or suits with skirts. Some women are sensitive about the shape or size of their legs; others have slim, fit figures that are naturally attractive. Independent of your body shape or style, a woman can purchase suits that fit perfectly and achieve the balance between the need for functionality, comfort, style and most importantly, they can get specific fabrics for womens suits and formal wear.

Ideally, a woman would establish a relationship with a custom tailor that designs styles they prefer and produces garments that fit perfectly.  This kind of relationship allows her to specify features and functionality that fit them uniquely. This allows women to purchase suits that meet the full spectrum of business, formal, evening, and casual occasions. They can choose colors that best fit their personality. Suits can be ordered that meet the full range of seasonal variation that defines where you live.

How about the ability to have a Master Tailor incorporate practical features that aren’t available in off-the-rack selections? Jackets can include outside pockets to hold selective items. Your specific dimensions define how the suit is made and finished so it fits perfectly. Who says women’s suit pants or skirts have to all be the same design or fit? Suits that are worn around the home or office may not be as comfortable when traveling to remote locations. Certain suit fabrics wear well while others require constant care to look their best.

Choosing to work with My Custom Tailors is a practical and efficient option for any woman. My Custom Tailors is a global master tailoring firm that serves the needs of men and women all over the world. Ravis clients have learned the value of buying custom-made clothing through their on-going interactions with traveling custom tailors. Ravis started out and has evolved by conducting Women's Traveling Tailor Roadshows to major cities all over the world. Custom Tailors visit selective cities every year to service existing clients and attract new ones by displaying their fabrics and taking custom measurements from all that participate.

Ravis Traveling Custom Tailors offer a full range of styles and fabrics that meet the needs of the most demanding of clients as well as the most cost conscious. Part of the education process for new clients is the realization that Women's Custom-made Clothes are no more expensive than comparable, off-the-rack items bought from retail outlets. They always fit better and the associated improvement in quality is significant.

Here are some guidelines that assist women in working with a Custom Tailor; 

    What is your preference for pants versus skirts for your custom suits? A pant suit with an alternate skirt or a skirt suit with an alternate pair of pants can only be delivered through a Custom Tailor.

    What is your wear pattern? If your suit will be worn primarily in an office setting, a pant suit offers more freedom of moment without compromising modesty.

    Consider a skirt as an optional alternative for any pant suit to accommodate more formal occasions or your desire to dress according to how you feel on any given day. This gives you the functionality of two suits (one a skirt suit and one a pant suit), helping you save money in the process.

    What are you most comfortable in? Create flexibility in the type of suits you buy.

    What will your peers be wearing? Wardrobe flexibility allows you to stand out in a positive way in terms of styling and quality rather than by how different you look. Multiple selections give you confidence that you can always step up for the appropriate occasion.

Working with Ravis Master Tailors enables you to understand multiple options for getting exactly what you want. The Master Tailor gets to know you and identifies your options. He will guide and support you in making important decisions about style, fabric, design, finishing, and accessories. He will provide insight into how to best work within your budget guidelines.

    Women must work within the dimensions of their body type and shape, and utilize styles that look best on their figures. Height is also an important determination in the design of a custom suit.

    If a woman has extra weight through the waist, the tailor will incorporate a longer, fuller skirt. Slimmer waists will look best with a straight silhouette that flows naturally from the waistline.

    A custom skirt will be designed to offer the best features of flare and length. Pants must compliment the hips properly and have the correct width and length. The length of the skirt helps determine the optimal jacket style.

    The use of padding and linings help to accentuate design flow for thin women. Doing away with a waistband can divert attention away from the waist or hips. Specialty pleating helps neutralize extra weight or bulk.

    Skirt length creates a silhouette that will appear to either extend or shorten your frame. The length of a classic skirt should fall just above the knee, just on the knee, or just below it. If you have a petite frame, any skirt that falls below the knee will make you appear shorter. If you have a shorter frame and thick legs, it is better to utilize a longer, under-the-mid-knee design.

    One of the most prominent accessories for any suit is the belt. Belts come in many shapes and sizes. Every suit wardrobe needs a black and a brown belt. Other colors can be utilized based on the fabric colors chosen. Metallic belts can be incorporated with certain designs.

    Pant length is always a key design factor. The perfect length allows the bottom of the pants to brush the top of the shoe without touching the floor. A straight leg pant adds height to a petite frame.


These guidelines are just a few design elements that help women purchase high quality, functional, and cost-effective clothes. Consider additional potential benefits of a Custom Tailor relationship:


    A single source for buying 90% of your clothing needs. When you buy your first suit and review the full scope of the Ravis website, you will appreciate other clothing options for future purchases.

    A specialty source that can advise you on the best and most cost-effective materials for expanding your clothing wardrobe

    A source that has all your measurements and preferences on file

    A source where you choose from every possible option in terms of quality, style, fabric, color, and wearability

    A site where you can view a comprehensive collection of clothing items to choose from

    Being able to understand differences in clothing options and the price differential that distinguishes each one

    A personal level of expertise and customer service in helping you choose, order, configure, and deliver your choices

    Our fabrics encompass pure cottons and linens, authentic cashmere, super wools, and luxury silks

    Highly skilled Master Tailors and Cutters, with years of experience, provide extraordinary consistency and quality in the clothes they deliver

    We detail our custom-made clothes with the best available linings, hand-basted canvas, and buttons

    Special design features like extra-large pockets, special collars, pleat patterns, stitching options, lining features, custom buttons, and comfort vents that turn ordinary suits, shirts, and pants into uniquely detailed custom garments

My Custom Tailors has evolved a sophisticated website that displays and describes multiple clothing collections and provides detailed information regarding how custom clothes are designed, constructed, and finished. This comprehensive, instructional website details the benefits of buying custom tailored clothing. Go to and navigate through the site to better understand the meticulous quality standards and the full range of tailoring and finishing artisans that work in their factories.

The latest innovation Ravis has introduced is the ability for clients to order custom clothing from their website. The key to this innovative platform is the ability for clients to use a unique My Custom Tailor Measurement Kit to capture their essential fit dimensions and submit them with any order they place. The measurement kit comes complete with a video tutorial that provides detailed instructions on how to best take key measurements with the help of a partner or friend. Our experienced Master Tailors calibrate or "auto check" these dimensions to make sure they are complete and proportionally correct. Any questions or comments they have are shared with clients to confirm accuracy in finalizing the measurements to be used. Another option for providing measurements is the ability to mail a suit or shirt that fits you perfectly to our offshore facilities where we can construct a custom item based on the dimensions submitted.

Having a relationship with a Custom Tailor is the wave of the future. Avoid going to multiple sites to buy suits and other clothes. Experience the perfect fit, a range of styles, comprehensive customer service, efficient order processing, and competitive prices across the board. We look forward to meeting you in person or through our on-line shopping site.