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Things To Remember When Buying Custom Men Shirts

How to buy Men's Shirts | My Custom Tailor

Men buy many different types and styles of shirts which enable them to dress for a variety of occasions. They don’t buy different shirt types from the same store as certain retail outlets specialize in providing appropriate shirts for specific purposes. Dress Shirts may be purchased from Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Harrods, and similar retail stores that offer a wide variety priced between $50 and upwards of $300. Men tend to buy dress shirts from the same source they favor when purchasing suits and ties. Dress shirts include formal wear shirts worn with morning dress suits and tuxedos.  When buying dress shirts men are typically creatures of habit. They keep purchasing the same shirt from the same seemingly reliable source. Here you will see different style of bespoke and custom made men's dress shirts 

Shirts that best serve the full range of casual or business-casual requirements are often bought from many different retail outlets. A man’s preference for different styles, patterns, colors, and fabrics lead them to stores where their purchases work best with choices they have made regarding slacks, shorts, pants, and jeans. Casual shirts can range in price from $20 to upwards of $300. A shirt that looks good with a suit and no tie might not be ideal with cotton or wool slacks, or jeans. The fit is different and finishing features vary significantly.  Individual pant/shirt combinations may feature shirts with collars or ones without them. Inevitably, men will bounce from store to store in searching for the perfect look, style, or fit. Or, for the latest fashion trend of the season.

Care requirements often dictate the type of shirt that men prefer. Many men favor the starched look you obtain from pure cotton fabrics. A perfectly starched shirt with a well-knotted tie looks great under a suit. Without a tie, a starched fabric presents a perfect open collar appearance that won’t droop or look unbalanced. The convenience of non-iron cotton shirts can be very appealing with their wash and wear characteristic. French cuffs add an element of formality and style when used with particular occasion suits or formal wear. 100% 2-ply cotton shirts are the most comfortable as their softness always feel good on the skin.  Some men will wear a shirt only once; others may wear a shirt up to several times before having it laundered or dry cleaned.

My Custom Tailors creates custom-made clothing for men and women custom shirts for work and casual wear. They make suits, shirts, blouses, pant suits, skirt suits and casual wear reflective of particular client measurements. When it comes to shirts, Ravis meets the requirements of the most discriminating dressers and the needs of everyday men and women. Ravis Traveling Master Tailors Road show visit major cities around the world in conducting events to help people understand the value and quality of custom made clothes. When clients attend these roadshows they interact with master tailors to understand the unique appeal of custom-made shirts, view various samples, get educated on the types of styles and fabrics available to them, and get their fit measurements captured and stored.

My Custom Tailors offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to buying men's shirts from retail outlets. You can evaluate a range of shirts for meeting all your dress requirements. Think about how many times you bought a shirt from the same retailer or from different retailers where the style, the fabric, and the fit were different from your previous experience with the same retailer. A shirt posted as having a 16-inch sleeve length and a 17 and one-half inch neck size, can vary significantly from one store to the next.

Some dress shirts that are washed or professionally laundered a few times may shrink or stretch, making it fit differently from when it was originally purchased. Buttons can fade, crack or fall off when cheaper materials are used to make them. A shirt that fits well in the waist may not be the correct fit across the chest or vice versa. Collar heights and points can vary from one shirt to another or among different styles offered by the same manufacturer. Shoulder widths often vary considerably. These issues occur when buying shirts off the rack from retail stores.

My Custom Tailors offers a broad range of mens dress shirt fabrics, colors and finishing details in the creation of custom-made shirts specified to precise client measurements. Buying shirts from a custom tailor empower a relationship where Ravis and the client collectively create a profile of your business and casual shirt preferences and customer measurements for current and future reference. Think about having the ability to realize the following benefits:

  • Designate styles and fabrics that suit you best. Stay informed of the latest trends and offerings.
  • Designate 100% cotton 2-ply or single-ply grades from multiple cotton fabrics such as pinpoint oxford or broadcloth. Plain collar lengths can be customized, and button-down shirt characteristics can be specified. Tight placard and button hole stitching can significantly improve the look of the shirt and how it sits under a tie.
  • Order high-quality shirt materials that need little or no ironing
  • Tab, pinned, or eyelet collars can be specified to give shirt collars a more customized and luxurious look.
  • Handmade buttonholes
  • Have your shirt sleeves and neck be the perfect size as opposed to choosing from something that comes within a half inch of what is perfect
  • Establish the kind of shirt bottoms you like, particularly for casual shirts that you may not want to always tuck in. The bottoms of dress shirts are tailored to prevent them from becoming easily untucked or bunched under your pants.
  • Have a perfect relationship between your chest measurement and your waist measurement, one that accentuates an athletic physique or neutralizes dimensions which are not flattering
  • Customize your buttons to be the right fit and color for you and your other clothing items.
  • The ability to specify key colors, stripes, and patterns. The shirt color you want can be specified from multiple color hues. Stripes and patterns are tailored carefully to make sure they transition properly from one segment to another such as the way the sleeves connect to the shoulders.

Make an investment in yourself, one you will never regret. Try engaging My Custom Tailors in one of two ways. Attend the next Traveling Tailor Roadshow in a city near you. Or, use the Ravis website to review their collections and order a shirt as a way of evaluating the quality and styling of their custom-made clothes. You will come to realize how they operate and deliver. Their unique measurement kit can be sent to you directly, and your measurements can be easily captured with the help of a partner or friend and submitted as part of your order. What’s most important is that your custom-made shirt purchase will not cost you more than a comparable shirt you would buy from a retail outlet. Custom-made clothes are not premium purchases made exclusively by wealthy individuals. Some wealthy people foolishly pay 40%+ more than they have to buy big-name brands that are mass produced. What do you have to lose?

Take a look at the standards we use to make all our clothing. Ravis is a third generation custom tailoring company that serves the needs of men and women all over the world. Review the types of artisans we employ within our factories and the kind of meticulous work they do. Take a look at the details they pride themselves in. Custom or bespoke tailors are a unique breed that applies clothes-making techniques that frequently can’t be emulated in the manufacturing of clothes designed for mass merchandising. The differences in quality and finishing are striking.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Visit one of our online men's collection catalogs and review the shirts offerings. Choose the style you want.
  • Click on the form or the ‘order’ button to select the style, color, and fabric as shown in the image
  • When designating the style, review the many fabric and color choices. Choose the fabric and color you desire
  • Select the measurements profile for this item. If this is your first order, you can add a measurements profile on this page and send in the measurements any time after you have submitted the order. Or, complete the information listed in the Ravis Measurements Kit that we send you.
  • Next, you will see a series of tabs for further customizing your item. Here, various finishing accessories can be specified such as buttons, sleeve cuffs, collars, monograms, etc.
  • After completing your selections, proceed to the check-out page. Your order total will be visible at all times at the top right-hand side of every page next to the shopping cart
  • Provide billing and shipping information at checkout

When you receive your new shirt, you will notice several things immediately. The material feels rich and crisp. The buttons are beautifully crafted and enhance the front of the shirt as they complement your hand-sewed button holes. The fit is perfect; after all, it was made to your precise measurements. It feels good on and looks great. Colors and patterns are bright and reflect the distinct styles and fabrics you requested. Put it up against anything you already have in your closet. Compare the fit, the ways it hangs, and the way the collar lies across the top of the shirt.

The first time you wear it you will get noticed. People will ask you where you got it. They will take note of the sharpness of the colors or the perfect symmetry of the stripes. They might think you have lost weight because the fit is perfect across your chest, over your shoulders, and around your waist. If you have an athletic build, the shirt will accentuate the firmness of your muscles and the tone of your skin. Tucked in or left outside the look is impeccable. You’ll be proud of yourself!

Perhaps the shirt we delivered has a problem. It almost certainly won’t be related to workmanship, but it might not fit precisely as you expected. The measurements could be off slightly, or our interpretation of the measurements you submitted could be wrong. Either way, return the shirt, explain the discrepancy and it will be fixed and sent back as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This scenario is more likely when an on-line order is placed the first time. Measurements taken at a roadshow almost always result in a perfect fit. Even so, the incidence of return adjustments is less than 5 percent. You can all us anytime or communicate with us via email. Our support staff will strive to understand what needs to be done and will follow through to make sure things are completed as you requested.

Seeing is believing and new users order new shirts on a recurrent basis. They frequently move on to ordering a suit or a jacket/slack combination. The initial satisfaction of buying a custom-made shirt is reinforced and expanded in how other clothing items are made and delivered to your unique specifications. You will be on your way to completely changing the way you purchase clothes, and you won’t be paying a premium in establishing a custom-made wardrobe.

Shopping at malls or retail outlets is a drag and frequently a waste of time. Is it any wonder that on-line shopping continues to grow and flourish with people of all ages? If you can peruse a shopping site that you know and trust and order what you want, why drive to a store? There are so many other things you want to do with your free time. Shop online with Ravis, get the quality and styling you want, don’t pay extra, and take pride in the clothes you wear to work, to social affairs, or to a sporting event. The world is your oyster; lavish it.