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No.80004 - Italian Wool and Silk Light Weight by Luiciano Fine ( View Color Swatches )

A smart and lightweight Italian wool and silk blend, this high quality fabric is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a timeless and stylish bespoke suit. Soft on the skin, light and breathable, this fabric is perfect for slim fitting, made to measure formal suits. Available in 3 colours ranging from charcoal to chocolate and navy blue, this fabric is wrinkle resistant and heat repellant to keep you cool and fresh. (Medium Weight (9 Oz to 11 Oz) Check & Plaid material for All Year | All Season use)

Fabric 80004 is Available for:
Womens Deluxe Womens Suits with vest (US$ 935)
Mens Deluxe Mens Jackets & Blazers (US$ 525)
Mens Deluxe Mens Custom Suits (US$ 675)
Mens Deluxe Double Breasted Suits (US$ 755)
Mens Deluxe Custom made Pants & Slacks (US$ 275)
Mens Deluxe Vests and Waistcoats (US$ 255)
Mens Deluxe Mens 3pc Suits (US$ 895)
Womens Deluxe Womens Jackets & Blazers (US$ 525)
Womens Deluxe Custom made Skirts (US$ 275)
Womens Deluxe Womens Custom made Pants (US$ 285)
Womens Deluxe Custom Skirt Suits (US$ 695)
Womens Deluxe Custom Pant Suits (US$ 695)
Womens Deluxe Womens Vests (US$ 255)
Womens Deluxe Country Western Suits (US$ 695)
Mens Deluxe Country Western Suits (US$ 675)

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