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Proper Skirt Style For A Women Custom Suit

Choosing the Proper Skirt Style for a Custom Suit

Women are increasingly turning to Custom Tailors when buying suits and casual clothing. The process of shopping retail stores and specialty shops for women's clothes is frustrating and time consuming. The variety that women find in trying to purchase mass merchandized suits and separates is very limited. Sizes vary from one manufacturer to another and a size 8 in one line of clothing fits differently than a size 8 in a different manufacturer. Color selections are limited and finishing details are often inconsistent from one line to another. The beat goes on.

My Custom Tailor is a quality manufacturer of custom-made clothing, serving women clients all over the world. Custom Tailors are a great asset for women professionals in that they are a dependable source of current information on style, fabric, fit, and finishing. They guide women on how to get the most out of custom suits and understand how to achieve their desire for fashionable, comfortable business casual and casual ensembles. They provide information on how to rotate suits from season to season and how to utilize fabrics that wear well in all seasons. Custom Tailors provide design and assembly consulting services that result in quality clothes that fit perfectly and cost about what would be paid in retail stores.

Women have flexibility in the type of suits they wear in that they can buy suits that feature both pants and skirts. Certain suits styles enable women to wear multiple pairs of pants or skirts with the same suit jacket. Adding a variety of shirts and blouses creates additional options for getting the most value and functionality from a limited number of suits. Some women prefer to have multiple suits with accompanying outfit accessories to maintain a sophisticated and professional look. Do you find yourself thinking about those kinds of variables on a regular basis?

Women have unique body shapes that require special design expertise in deciding what kind of suits to wear. Even women with athletic body shapes ideally require customized designs based on their height and the shape of their arms, legs and chests in order to look and feel their best. Women that are of normal body weight or are plus-size are especially in need of custom design expertise to give them clothes that fit them perfectly and accentuate their best features. Most women struggle to find this level of expertise and support without the help of a trusted Master Tailor.

Let’s assume you have decided to wear skirts instead of pants with the suits you want to wear. A Master Tailor will help you understand the optimal mix of color, style, and length. You always have the option of having suits with two different skirt lengths depending on the formality of the occasion. When you have established a relationship with a Master Tailor you have the confidence to discuss your body type, height, weight, and figure profile with a professional that knows how to give you objective advice and reinforce the decisions you make. Women professionals during a seasonal timeframe or a long road trip will attend multiple interactive events and meetings. Having a suit collection that easily transitions across multiple events eliminates any uncertainty in terms of looking and feeling your best every day.

So, let’s take a further look into how your shape should affect the design of your wardrobe. When you admire the style and color of a suit you like from a specialty retail store, you have to imagine how the suit will look on the display hanger versus how it will look on you. If you have a thick waist, then choose a custom skirt shape that will divert attention away from your waist. Choose a long, full skirt and avoid designing a skirt that will include embellishment at the waistline. If you have a long waist, then design your custom skirt with a straight silhouette to flow with your waistline. However, if you have a short waist, then design a skirt with a drop waist in order to add some dimension at the waist.

What Custom Skirt Length is best for Your Height?

The length of your custom skirt will create a silhouette that will either lengthen or shorten your frame. As a rule of thumb, the length of your skirt should fall just above the knee. That length will be appropriate in every setting but will still be stylish enough for people to take notice. If you have a petite frame, any skirt that falls below the knee will make you appear shorter than you are.

My Custom Tailor conducts regular roadshow events at cities all over the world to educate new clients and provide new choices and seasonal offerings for existing clients. Attending one of these events is a great way to meet one of our Master Tailors and learn further about the benefits of ordering custom-made suits and skirts. These Travelling Master Tailors bring samples with them so you can see and feel skirt fabrics, styles, and color options for different types of custom-made clothes.

These sessions enable you to understand how a relationship with a Custom Tailor will change your life and certainly the way you buy clothes. We encourage women to attend these roadshows and bring friends so you can collectively evaluate what you see. Make a party out of the event; bring a bottle of wine and perhaps some snacks.  Another interesting advantage of attending a roadshow is the opportunity to bring with you a suit, a dress, or any clothing article that you particularly like in terms of how it looks or how it is made. The Master Tailor can review the article and duplicate it if you like, or emulate the design into something else you choose to have made. This type of review also gives the tailor better insight into the styles and quality you are most fond of.

During these roadshows the tailor will take a series of measurements that will be used in the design of any custom-made clothes your choose. These measurements will be stored in your permanent profile so that after you order your initial piece, you will be able to order additional articles on-line by visiting the My Custom Tailor. The Custom Tailor will ask you a series of questions to determine your preferences and also to get to know you better. These experienced artisans know how to qualify what you need and your budget restrictions in a professional and non-threatening way. You will leave this event with a new friend.

Did you ever think you would have access to a Custom Tailor to help you design and manufacture clothes distinctly made for you?  Have you ever thought about how well custom-made clothes would look on you when they encompass your specific measurements? How about having a fashion consultant that will give you a head start on new clothing trends for a coming season? You may have ordered household items off the internet, but did you ever think it was possible to order custom-made clothing off the internet? My Custom Tailor began forming this interactive platform years ago and has improved it every year to where today it is the standard for online women's clothes shopping. Women all over the world enjoy the benefits and the satisfaction of this experience.

What is the Dress Code of the Event That You Will Attend?

In addition to working with a Master Tailor on everyday suits and separates, you can also review options for ordering suits for semi-formal occasions or highly formal occasions. These can be in the form of women’s tuxedo pieces, formal long skirt/sequined blouse combinations, or even full length gowns. Custom-made formal wear is particularly elegant and a Master Tailor will provide accessory choices that will make you look very distinguished, wherever you go. Click this icon to review the standards we adhere do in every article we produce.

Beyond ordering custom-made business suits and separates, a relationship with a Master Tailor helps you dress very stylishly during casual and weekend events. Design elements for less formal clothing articles can be more reflective of your personality. Skirts and blouses with thinner materials, tighter fits, bolder colors, and flirtatious styles can evolve to reflect your personality and confidence. Jeans are a major fashion statement today. My Custom Tailor has significant experience with multiple jeans fabrics, styling, embroidering, and finishing. Describe to your tailor what you like, or show him a sample of what you love and move on from there in being a co-designer to get fashion jeans that no one else will have!

There is a misguided perception that Custom Skirt Suits for women are an expensive and impractical option for the average person. This is definitely not true. The reality is that the same level of quality will cost the same or less than clothes bought in a retail store. There have been concerns about whether measurements taken in person or sent over the internet will logically, precisely, and efficiently transform within a garment assembled and detailed in Thailand and delivered back to the home location. However, years of experience pave the way for this process to be seamless and productive. We have very few items returned for alterations.

Visit one of our online collection catalogues, Women’s Collections. Select the type of clothing you wish to order (a suit, shirt, blouse, etc.), or use the “Shop by Style Search” feature to identify a specific clothing item you want to focus on. Choose the style you want. This is a great way to get calibrated to what My Custom Tailor offers and the broad array of different styles and fabrics. Weekly specials are offered where shoppers can save money on individual items and combinations of items across many styles.

When you see something, you like, click on the style or the ‘order’ button to select the style, color and fabric as shown in the image. Review the multiple fabric and color choices and select what you want. Share the information with a friend and let him/her reinforce the styles that you have tentatively chosen.

Select the measurements profile to be used for the item. If we don’t have your measurements from a past order, simply log into your account and use the links in your measurements portfolio to specify dimensions quickly and easily. Or, complete the information listed in the My Custom Tailor Measurements Kit that we send you. The measurement kit is another unique part of the My Custom Tailor experience. With the help of a friend or your spouse you will be guided through the process of capturing all the key measurements necessary to manufacture your custom-made suit.

You will next see a series of tabs for further customizing your item. Here, various finishing accessories can be specified such as special linings, buttons, vents, sleeve cuffs, collars, pleats, monograms, etc.   After completing your selections, proceed to the check-out page. Your order total will be visible at all times at the top right-hand side of every page, next to the shopping cart. The script will ask you for billing and shipping information at checkout.

Take the first step by attending a Travelling Tailor Roadshow or initiating a new purchase using the on-line platform. You will be newly empowered to order custom-made clothes at the same price you have been buying imperfect clothes at retail outlets.