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My Custom Tailor Why A Tailor Made Suit Is Best

The say true love is hard to find, but you want to know what is definitely harder? Finding a good tailor. The unconditional love and devotion that a good tailor has for you and your clothing is truly amazing. They literally take your saggy, sloppy clothing and alter it like a magician into something that fits you perfectly, and flatters every inch of your body…almost like the fairy god mother in Cinderella. There are many reasons why a hand tailored suit will always be better than a store bought suit, but here are a few just in-case you are not convinced that you need to find yourself a tailor to make flawless custom tailored suits just for you.

You certainly shouldn’t have to go through life wondering what it would be like to have clothes that fit you and make you look good, that really flatter you. If anything you should be the man that wears his clothes, and wears them right. There is a very small chance in reality of you finding a suit like this at the mall, in some mediocre brand store. Only a tailor can custom make suits that suit just you, every single time. Hey are a few reasons why a tailor made suit is best.

The first reason may sound a little unusual but it is a good one, a tailor made suit is best in the long run because it will help you stay in shape. It is perfectly natural to put on some weight every now and them. We all slip up on our meal plans and let that chocolate cake or pumpkin pie get the best of us. Sometimes we even skip the gym or our morning runs. With sports events everywhere you go, you know that beer is certainly involved, and oh boy is that beer tummy unforgiving. If you find it a little tricky to stay motivated and keep on track with your healthy weight, a hand tailored suit can certainly be a good motivator. If you have a suit tailored, the last thing you want is to not have it fit. If custom tailored suits are all you have in your wardrobe then you will always want to do your best to sustain the body shape it was tailored for.

We all know this, at least we should, a great reason why a tailor made suit is best would be that off-the-rack suits just never fit right, ever. Unless you are one of those really rare people who happen to be a sample size, most off of the rack clothing  will need some sort of alteration, whether you’re ready to admit it or not. It’s perfectly fine to rock your brand new clothes straight out of the store, but if you take it to a proper tailor to tweak and alter it perfectly for you so that it fits flawlessly, you will have a better appreciation for what you’ve just bought, plus you’ll look elegantly put together.

We’ve all done it, gone in to a store and bought something we were sure would fit and when we got home, something about it just did not sit right. The truth is that most people out there are walking around and going about their day in clothing that doesn’t fit them. If you have never worn a tailor made suit, you might just be one of these people. Nobody knows your fit like a tailor does, it’s true, and nothing will ever fit as right as a custom tailored suit. When he or she gets ready to sew a garment together for you, they use your exact measurements to make something that fits so flawlessly that it might just look like it was poured on to you.

A good tailor usually has a great eye for fine details and years of experience. This means that they know exactly what style of suit is best for you. They work with different body types all day long, from short to tall, and big to small. Whether you’re a rectangle or an upside down triangle, there is no body shape out there that a good tailor cannot work with to prove to you that a tailor made suit is best. Instead of constantly wearing men’s suits that do nothing for your frame, see a tailor and invest in hand tailored suits that will last you a lifetime.

You might think that you have outgrown a few of your favorite suits and jackets in your wardrobe but you will be surprised the kind of magic a tailor can work. If you have any old clothing that you really do not want to throw out, a tailor can easily repair, and revive these clothes for you so that they are as good as new. The best part is that if you have a custom tailored suit that needs new alterations, your tailor can do that for you easily. That means never really needing to throw out any of your clothes…ever!

Even your favorite menswear stores send in clothing to be tailored. All of those well-dressed sales men in the stores you shop at are usually if not always wearing a tailored suit. What this also means is that you can ask them for a recommendation to a good tailor that will have you looking just as dapper. Is the current tailor not cutting it or are you just in dire need of one that you can trust? How about going to your favorite menswear shop in town and picking their brain on where they send their clothes to get tailored. They always have customers coming in to get suits that they have purchased from that store and fixed up to their specifications. Almost every shop has “that” guy that they send people to. Sometimes, they even have their own in-house tailor to perfect the garb for their customers. Don’t be shy, this might just be the best way for you to find a good tailor with recommendations you can trust. After all, we all know just how hard it can be to find a good tailor.

If you are still not convinced that you should find yourself a tailor, then go ahead and flip through a magazine and look at the men in there. Ask yourself honestly how they can look so good in a suit. Well the big not so secret top-secret is that they are all wearing tailored suits. The only way to ever get a suit that really looks good on you and makes you look like you just stepped out of a GQ shoot would be to invest in a few hand tailored suits, you might never want to wear anything else again.