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My Custom Tailor What To Consider When Buying A Custom Made Suit

Buying a custom made suit can seem like a strange and uneasy path to take. Most people like to just go in to a store, pick a suit, pay for it and leave. Granted having a tailored suit custom made will require a little more socializing, it really is a process you’ll learn to enjoy and you could even build a rather close friendship with your tailor. With the dawn of each new season comes a new set of fashion trends that everyone must know. Each season has an “it” color that becomes the star of the season. Spring also brings about new fabric options that will help expand your wardrobe and provide some stylish options that will be functional choices for the season. As part of the design process for your custom made suit, take into consideration what color and fabric combinations will work the best with your personal style and is missing in your current wardrobe.

Choosing the color for your custom suit is an important first decision when creating your custom made suit is what the color of the suit will be. The color of your tailored suit will depend on several factors. You must first consider where you will be wearing the suit. To the office? To a wedding? To a special corporate event? If you intend wearing the tailored suit to a formal occasion, then choose a darker color like a dark blue, navy or charcoal. Dark colors are considered more ‘serious' and therefore more formal than lighter colors. These types of colors are perfect for corporate events, especially if they are in the evening, or to the office provided your job is not in a ‘creative' field such as advertising or film or fashion. In these types of ‘creative' fields dark colors would be considered way too formal and out of place. Your next consideration when choosing the color for your custom tailored suit is your own personal style preference. In order for you to convey an appropriate level of confidence, you need to feel comfortable in the color you choose. There are those who, for instance, land up selecting a Navy when they actually are more comfortable in charcoal. it's a matter of the mind as you may see, and there are those who absolutely love dark brown but do not wear it because they feel it is not the ‘done thing' whereas, actually, they should wear their dark browns with confidence. The more comfortable one is in a particular color, the more an aura of confidence one exudes and hence the more confident one feels. It is very important you absolutely must be comfortable with your suit color choices. During the design process, be expressive with your tailor regarding your color choices. Remember, whatever color or colors you choose, you will be wearing it for quite some time. Finally, try design your custom suit with the “it” color of the season in mind. Every season has a color that is particularly popular that season. Even if you do not design your entire wardrobe in the color of the season, do try each season to add one or two pieces to your wardrobe in the popular color of the time. The hot color for this spring is the pale blue-green aqua and Teal. Aqua looks great when paired with both a dark blue or a black suit and teal looks good with charcoal.

Choosing the fabric for your custom suit is another very important design aspect to consider when creating your suit is the choice of fabric you decide on. Fabric is an extremely important consideration. You need to bear in mind the time of year you will be wearing your custom suit and also what the overall climate in your locality is like. You don't want to land up wearing a heavy winter weight suit in a warm summer climate. Nor do you want a light weight suit fabric for cold winters. The wrong type of fabric will result in the suit being less than comfortable in your environment and land up having you feel uncomfortable as well as out of place for the weather. So, it is imperative to remember to climate you will be wearing the suit in and the type of weather in your local area. For example, for the summers opt for a lighter weight fabric of between 7 and 8 oz. weight that will be comfortable throughout the day even in muggy humidly hot climates. An 8 to 10 oz. fabric is good for springs, fall and mild winter weather. For extremely cold winters, go for a 10 to 12 oz. fabric. Remember though that these days, almost everywhere it is climate controlled – homes, offices, cars, public transport, malls are all heated or air conditioned. This means it is actually not very useful to have very heavy warm fabrics for your suits. Finally, and of most consequence is the actual quality of the fabric you select. The quality of the fabric or your custom made suit will speak volumes about your personal taste and personal style. A fabric quality will position you to make your mark in any room that you enter. And needless to say, a good quality fabric will last you for decades, giving you pleasure in what will definitely become your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is an ever-evolving creature. Each new season brings an opportunity to design a new custom suit that will serve you well in all your social occasions.

 Work closely with your custom tailor in order to design a custom suit that you will be comfortable wearing on a daily basis. The above mentioned are only a few points on how to buy a bespoke suit. There is of course more too it but the truth is that the suit should always reflect who you are. When you find a great made to measure suit that reflects your personal style, despite the trends in fashion, you will be confident wearing it and thus you will look great. The great thing about having a personal tailor is that you have someone on hand who can offer you professional advice on your bespoke suit.

Select your fabric and your color and then rock your look without fear. Let who you are really shine in every suit that you buy or have custom ordered.