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My Custom Tailor What Are Bespoke Dress Shirts

Bespoke dress shirts are becoming more and more commonly found in men's wardrobe collections. It is usually men who wear custom tailored dress shirts, as a woman would typically wear a blouse in place of a shirt. The term dress shirt has slightly different meanings between American English and British English. In the US, a custom tailored dress shirt refers to any full button opening fronted shirt, which also has a collar and cuffs. They are also known as shirts and button up shirts. In the UK, the term custom tailored dress shirt refers specifically to a more formal clothing item, worn of an evening as part of a black tie or white tie ensemble. There are various collar and cuff types to choose from when commissioning bespoke dress shirts.

A bespoke garment is one that is custom made and personalized to the buyer's specifications. They are made using the customer's exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit, are made from the fabric of the customer's choosing, and are designed exactly how the customer wants. The consumer is very much involved in the production process, impacting upon the end product. This is completely different to the production of ready to wear off the peg garments, where these are designed based on several different common size and style guidelines, mass produced, and the end consumer peruses and purchases finished items with no input at all.

You should also do your due diligence when working with a new tailor for custom tailored dress shirts. Buy a simple shirt and ask your tailor to fix it up for you as a trial of some sort. It doesn't even have to be expensive, so long as it's somewhat classy looking. Make sure you buy a custom tailored dress shirt that is relatively conservative, instead of something that is focused on current fashion trends. Visit your tailor and ask him how it looks. If all he does is shrug his shoulders and ask you what alterations to make, then he's not very good at this. If, however, he points out the areas that could stand to have some improvement, then he's definitely looking out for your best interest. When you have a tailor who won't just tell you what you want to hear because he knows it will make you happy, then you have a tailor that's worth keeping. Your tailor should be willing to share his opinion, especially if he thinks you're making a bad decision. This doesn't mean that you have to listen to, or agree with, every recommendation he makes. It just shows that he is really doing his job as your tailor, and trying to help you look your best. Also make sure to always check the fit. It is the fundamental rule in men's style…in fact in all style. So always remember that if it doesn't fit you properly, it's surely not worth your money. That's a truth that generally applies to most clothing items and your dress shirt is no exception. A made to measure dress shirt that fits you perfectly is one that ensures comfort and freedom of movement, shows off your body in a flattering manner. But somehow this tends to be the main problem for men who try shopping for off the rack dress shirts. The reality is if you can afford it, you are always better off going for a made to measure dress shirt that's specifically meant for your body and hand tailored by a pro. You should also see which fit, fits you best. The slim fit for athletic guys who have a rather slim or non-muscular torso. The normal fit for men on the muscular or buff side. The loose fit mainly for those with a fuller torso. A few other things to check for in a hand tailored dress shirt would be that the gap between the men’s shirt collar and your neck should be big enough for two fingers to slide through. The shoulders of the made to measure shirt should end at the point where your shoulders meet your upper arms. Your Armholes should be high up so as not to limit the movement of your arms in the dress shirt. The sleeves shouldn't be too tight or too loose, just firm enough to still allow for natural movement. The sleeve cuffs should end at the point where your palms meet your wrists. And most importantly, the men’s shirt should fit comfortably.

For smart formal wear, more people are opting for tailor made options. This means that people will look better in clothes as the fit is better, and that people will have quality items of their choosing. Being able to have unique clothes custom made is becoming less of a luxury and more of a regular practice for those who genuinely care about their appearance and want to look good and create a positive impression. There are many benefits of having bespoke dress shirts made for an individual wearer that the regular person is often taking advantage off.

At My Custom Tailor, there is an excellent range of bespoke made to measure dress shirts to choose from. Whether you want a more casual style of shirt, per American linguistic use, or a classic formal shirt, per British linguistic use, you will not be disappointed. You can choose between many different styles and design features, to ensure that your new shirt is exactly right for you. Good bespoke dress shirts can really enhance and complement a good suit, making you create the impression that you want to. And, with a range of prices to suit all pockets, you can rest assured that looking stylish need not break the bank.

Skilled tailors with many years' experience will work with you to make bespoke dress shirts to be proud of. Having provided men's and women's custom clothing for three generations, the team at My Custom Tailor really have an eye for detail and are fully in tune with what the customers want. They are able to give helpful advice about current styles and fashions, to help you choose ideal bespoke dress shirts.