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My Custom Tailor The Custom Pieces That Everyone Should Own

Building a fashionable wardrobe is about selecting the right pieces and styling them in the best possible way. Most people may think that being fashionable may have to do with always buying the trendiest and latest pieces, when honestly it all comes down to a few staple pieces that everyone should own. If you take a long hard look at fashion trends from the past twenty years it easy to see how trends continue to come back around and thus if you invest in a few great staples pieces, you’ll see everyone wearing them again in a few years. These pieces include a custom suit, a custom dress shirt, and a custom pair of made to measure pants. Those three pieces will serve as the foundation for a stellar wardrobe but there are a few more that we can suggest to build your ideal closet.

Custom Suit

The purchase of a custom suit is a silent reminder that you have arrived, or at least that’s what it means for your fashionable wardrobe. A custom suit says that you care enough about yourself and your appearance to make a sound investment in your future. This custom suit will be your go to option for interviews and presentations and can also be styled to be appropriate for weddings and other formal social gatherings. It is arguably the most important wardrobe purchase that one can make. It can quite literally be a make or break decision for your career. When shopping for this bespoke suit you should strongly consider your style, your body type, and what is more flattering on you. You will need an item that shows off all of your best bits. If you are thin with a rather square shaped body opt for hand tailored suit jackets that fit well with slim lapels that broaden your chest, a pair of suit pants that are not pleated, you could even pull of a great pair of made to measure tapered pants. If you have a little more body to you, you could try for a three piece suit, a jacket with standard lapels that help even out your body shape, and a pair of suit pants that are skillfully pleated by a professional tailor. It is not only a staple piece that everyone should have in a really fashionable wardrobe, it truly is one of those must have pieces that can be extremely versatile. If you buy the right suit you can always swap shirts and jackets to create new looks from this one staple piece. I would suggest a black custom tailored suit that will be easy to style for both casual and formal events.

Custom Dress Shirt

A custom dress shirt is a staple that every fashionable wardrobe needs as part of its overall foundation. Your custom dress shirt is an option that can be styled in both a casual and business environment. Your custom dress shirt can be worn with a suit to the office or with the sleeves cuffed up and styled with jeans or loafers. When selecting your dress shirt, focus on the length of the sleeves. Your sleeve should brush the top of your wrist for optimal fit. Although one shirt is a good start, having at least five custom dress shirts. Buy one in the classic white, black, a light blue, a dark blue, or maybe even a salmon. Allowing for this variety of color in your dress shirts will ensure that you always have something to wear. A solid colored dress shirt is something you can wear with a formal custom suit, a pair of neutral slacks, some nice shorts, or anything else. You could easily wear these shirts to anything work related or to a bar with friends on a Friday night. Strong hand tailored dress suits should definitely be something that everyone has in their closet in a number of color.

Custom Pants

The most important aspect when selecting the best fitting custom pant is to choose an appropriate length. The length of your custom pant will help give the appearance of height if you are shorter or the appearance of a lean frame if you are carrying a little extra weight. One of the most important things to consider when deciding on the length of your pant is what shoes you will be wearing with your custom pants. If your shoe contains a heel, then the length will need to be longer to accommodate for the extra height added by the shoe. A pair of custom tailored pants are a bigger deal than you may realize. They are those pants that you can always count on. A simple pair of custom tailored pants can really go a long way. If you opt for a flexible color such as black, you can dress these pants up with a tailored dress shirt, a nice tie, and a made to measure suit jacket, you can also dress them down with a casual polo shirt or a classic button up and a sports jacket. When looking for pants ensure that you only buy pants that fit well, are comfortable, and are made from a strong fabric that will last you for many years.


A few other things that we can easily consider pieces everyone should own would be a light bomber jacket that you can easily pair with any casual or semi-formal outfit, a good old fashioned trench coat for both winter and those chilly rainy summer evenings, a dark denim jacket of great quality that you can wear to any casual event, a dark pair of fitted jeans, a crisp white t-shirt that you can always count on, a grey and a black sweatshirt, a pair of jogging pants, and a good pair of running shoes. A few more things would be a pair of formal black shoes, a pair of loafers, bold ankle socks in colors that you love, and other accessories such as a great watch, and a pair of sunglasses.

With these three things in your wardrobe you can begin to add new items that are more personal to you and that allow you to show off your personal flare and style. When shopping for suits, shirts, pants, and shoes always try to buy high quality items that will sustain you. Feel free to play around with color, and dimensions. You can do this by playing around with neck ties, cuff links, shirts, and anything else really. The great thing about having your staples is that you can very easily build your entire wardrobe around them. You should always make sure that your staples are items you can both dress up and dress down.