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My Custom Tailor Tailor Made Men S Shirts Can Liven Up Any Suit

Men's shirts are an integral part of a man's appearance, with the right shirt improving the overall look and smartening up even substandard suits. Of course, for the optimum appearance a good shirt should be teamed with a good suit, but if you are really pressed and want to liven up or rejuvenate an otherwise jaded wardrobe, investing in a couple of smart and good quality tailor made shirts can really make the difference. Additionally, a bad shirt can ruin the appearance of a fine suit. Finding the perfect men’s shirt is definitely not an easy task and can be a little overwhelming for anyone. The key is really understanding what works for you and what you need the shirt for. You can look in to things like the fit, the fabric, the collar, and so on to help you find your perfect shirt. Overall appearance can have a surprising impact on confidence levels, with those feeling well dressed having higher levels of confidence than people who are not comfortable with their clothing and appearance.

With an abundance of off the rack men's shirts available in brand stores, at relatively low prices, it is easier to fall into the trap of believing that having a good variety of shirts is best. However, quality really is more important than quantity, and it is better to have a few good fitting and stylish smart shirts than many ill-fitting items. There's a saying that we've all heard: you have to look good to feel good. Okay, so say you go to the department store and pick up a shirt that looks “good enough.” That means you're only going to feel “good enough.” Wouldn't you rather spend a few dollars more for something that looks great, so that you can feel great? That's what you'll do for yourself if you decide to start adding the men's bespoke shirt to your wardrobe. It really isn't that much more expensive to get a men's bespoke shirt than it is to buy one at the local department store, either. Yes, you can find great deals on shirts made for the masses, but they won't have the superior craftsmanship of a men's bespoke shirt. This means that your department store shirt won't last as long as what you could get from your tailor, either. So, the department store shirt is guaranteed to deliver two things: a generic, “good enough fit,” and lower quality, which means you'll need to replace it much sooner. If you want to become a superior gentleman, you're going to need to purchase superior clothing. You can't do that with generically designed shirts from the department store that are not tailor made shirts. A respectable tailor usually has a great eye for fine specifics and years of practice. This means that they know exactly what style of shirt is best for you. They work with different body types all day long, from short to tall, and big to small. Whether you’re a rectangle or an upside down triangle, there is no body shape out there that a good tailor cannot work with to prove to you that a bespoke shirt is best. Instead of constantly wearing men’s shirts that do nothing for your frame, see a tailor and invest in hand tailored shirts that will last you a lifetime.

To guarantee a good fit, a tailor made men's shirt really is the best option. Choose a couple of traditional custom shirts that can be teamed with different suits and separates to really get the maximum benefit from your investments. A dress shirt that fits you perfectly is one that ensures comfort and freedom of movement, shows off your body in a flattering manner. But somehow this tends to be the main problem for men who try shopping for off the rack dress shirts. The reality is if you can afford it, you are always better off going for a bespoke dress shirt that's specifically meant for your body and hand tailored by a pro. You should also see which fit, fits you best. The slim fit for athletic guys who have a rather slim or non-muscular torso. The normal fit for men on the muscular or buff side. The loose fit mainly for those with a fuller torso. A few other things to check for in a dress shirt would be that the gap between the shirt collar and your neck should be big enough for two fingers to slide through. The shoulders of the shirt should end at the point where your shoulders meet your upper arms. Your Armholes should be high up so as not to limit the movement of your arms in the dress shirt. The sleeves shouldn't be too tight or too billowy – just firm enough to still allow for natural movement. The sleeve cuffs should end at the point where your palms meet your wrists. And most importantly, the men’s shirt should fit comfortably. Unless you can afford to buy several different custom shirts, it is perhaps better to stick with block color shirts in neutral colors, such as white or light blue. Only consider splashing out on louder colors and patterns if the basics are already in place.

Because a men's shirt is worn next to the skin, the feel of a shirt is really important to ensure comfort. Professional tailors can assist you with choosing the fabric for your custom shirt. You can then choose what color you want your tailor made men's shirt to be, along with any patterns and extra design elements. When considering the style, think about what you already know looks good on you. It is better to go for tried and tested styles that you know suit you before splashing out on something completely new for you. Think about whether you want a custom shirt to be for office wear, formal social events, or other occasions. This will help you and your tailor to decide on the style and design, for example the collar design, the cuff type, the buttons and whether they are concealed, pockets and all other features of a shirt.

It is important to think about how you generally intend to wear your new tailor made men's shirt; whether your preference is to have a shirt tucked into your trousers or leave it loose outside of your trousers will determine how long the shirt will be made. Also consider what items you intend to wear your custom shirt with, to avoid disappointment when trying to team shirts and suits that really do not complement each other well.

A tailor made men's shirt can really make all the difference to an outfit, and many people are starting to reap the benefits of having a custom shirt made especially for them.