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My Custom Tailor How To Get The Perfect Men S Bespoke Suit

When it comes to purchasing a men's bespoke suit, there's a lot to worry about. Firstly, you're about to spend a lot of money. Second, you have a lot of input in how the suit is tailored, and if you opt to keep your mouth shut, your tailor is going to make all of the decisions for you. You also have to pick the fabrics, styles, and other details. If you aren't a complete fashion freak you might not even know what your options are. It isn't that difficult, though, and by following the steps in this guide you can figure everything out easily. Won't it be nice to finally purchase a men's bespoke suit without having to be so terrified?

Before we even get into seeing a tailor you need to really think what purpose or event you are buying the suit for and of course the latest trends in fashion when you go in to see your custom tailor to have this bespoke piece made. A made to measure suit bought for work in a serious office atmosphere will be very different to one bought to wear to a summertime wedding in the country. You need to ask yourself what are you trying to lead into with the suit, what image do you want to create for yourself in the suit? What type of weather settings will it be worn in, does the suit need to keep you warm or cool? All of this is going to determine the cloth used in your high quality bespoke suit. Lighter wools, linen, cotton or even seersucker for summer made to measure suits, and heavier, worsted flannel or cashmere for the unkinder, cold seasons. Then there is the matter of style preference. Double- or single-breasted jackets; peak or notch lapel; two- or three-piece; flat-front or pleated trousers? Single-breasted is more versatile and conservative, while double-breasted is confident and can, contrary to popular belief, have a slimming effect on the heftier men, who’d also be well advised to choose a roomier pleated trouser – a flat-front pant flatters the flat bellied. A peak lapel lends a sense of suppleness to the men with slanting shoulders. The waistcoat of a three-piece vaunts the key benefit of allowing a man to still look put-together even after doing away with his jacket.

Picking the Style

This is probably the most important thing for you to figure out. Do you want a three-button or a two button style? How about double breasted or single breasted? Don't know what you like? No problem! Stop by the local book store and check out their magazine rack. There are plenty of magazines dedicated to men's fashion, and you can find something that really piques your interest. From there, you just have to check out the details (usually in a small box near the bottom of the page) to find out what it is that you see and admire. Sure, this takes a little bit of time – but looking good is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life, so don't scoff at spending an extra fifteen minutes figuring out what kind of men's bespoke suit you would like the best.

Communicating with the Tailor about Your Men's Bespoke Suit

If you find something in a magazine that you really like, your best bet is to just buy the magazine and show it to your tailor. He'll be able to put something together that's exactly like what you're looking for. At this point, he'll want to help you pick the right fabrics and make sure he has your measurements just right. When it comes to fabrics, you want to focus on something with a grade of 100 or better. You don't need to go much higher than 130, and these fabrics can be terribly expensive anyway. After you have selected the fabric for your men's bespoke suit, your tailor will get everything ready. Depending on how busy he is this could take an afternoon or a month. When you come back, the real fun begins.

Personalizing Your Men's Bespoke Suit

You have the benefit of being able to pick all of the little things that make your suit special and unique. This includes which buttons the made to measure suit has, the number and style of pockets, and anything else you can imagine. The best thing about working with a custom tailor is that he can deliver just about anything you can imagine. If you want a secret James Bond pocket, he can do that for you. If you want the suit to have a different, funkier style and fit, he can do that, too. After everything is pieced together he'll be ready for the final fitting. This is when the suit goes from great to perfect. It will not only look great on you, but it will be comfortable to wear. A perfectly tailored suit is more comfortable than your favorite pair of pajamas. Some would even say that wearing a men's bespoke suit is more comfortable than being entirely naked, but the only way you'll ever know is by purchasing one and trying it on for yourself.

The above mentioned are only a few points on how to buy a bespoke suit. There is of course more too it but the truth is that the suit should always reflect who you are. When you find a great made to measure suit style, despite the trends in fashion, you will be confident wearing it and thus you will look great. The great thing about having a personal tailor is that you have someone on hand who can offer you professional advice on you bespoke suit.