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My Custom Tailor How To Dress The Petite Frame

One of the most difficult aspects when it comes to managing style is to make wardrobe choices that will flatter your figure. In order to make smart decisions when it comes to designing your custom wardrobe you must first understand your own personal figure and how to highlight your best features and downplay the aspects that you are most self-conscious about. You are considered petite if you are less than 5 feet 2 inches tall. For the petite frame, designing a custom wardrobe is about adding height and creating an hourglass shape at the same time.

Custom Trouser

One of the biggest mistakes that petite women typically make is in their trouser selection. For the petite frame, designing a custom trouser is often the most perfect solution on the market. If your trouser is too long, then you automatically appear shorter than you are. Even the off the rack options that are made in a short or petite version for petite women are more often than not still too long. A custom trouser is the perfect solution. Length is never an issue when you have designed a custom trouser. They are tailor made for you. Next, when designing your custom trouser, the next element to choose carefully is all about style. A straight leg jean adds height to a petite frame. When you are designing your custom trouser if you are able to wear straight leg trousers, then they are the best possible option. Avoid choosing the flared option if you have a petite frame as they make a petite person appear shorter than they are.

Creating Shape

The next step in making the most figure flattering style decisions for the petite women is about using your custom wardrobe as a means to create shape for your frame. In order to create shape with your custom wardrobe, you must first consider the color palette of your custom wardrobe. If your custom wardrobe is completely monochromatic then you have the appearance of a straight shape. In order to create an hourglass shape, create your outfit using two separate colors from your custom wardrobe, and then add a belt at the waist in order to highlight the smallest part of your body, the waistline. For example, pair a custom black trouser paired with an emerald green custom dress shirt and then accessorize the ensemble with a metallic belt to draw attention to your waistline. You could even try this with a suit. When you wear a completely unicolor look, then you appear to have a straight shape, which really is not the most flattering for a women. If you are looking to create an hourglass shape with your custom suit, then add a bold color dress shirt under your custom blazer and then add a belt at the waist to highlight the smallest part of your body. For example, pair a custom black trouser paired with an emerald green custom dress shirt under your custom blazer and then accessorize the ensemble with a metallic belt to draw attention to your waistline. Also, when designing your custom suit choose a fitted shape that buttons firmly at the waist in order to help create your desired shape by cinching it in. The key to success in the fashion world is identifying your shape and classifying your body type based on that identification, even if you’re not a natural hourglass and you do have a straight shape, you can use your knowledge to always give the illusion of a curvier body. For each figure, there are certain features that are benefits to the figure and others that are challenges when it comes to your figure. If you fall into the petite category then the challenge that arises when you design a custom suit is to choose elements that will elongate the frame and create shape. Once you have mastered those skills, the rest of your fashion journey will be smooth sailing.

 Low-Contrasting Footwear

Shoes for the shorter women are critical as they can have a lengthening effect that will give you the illusion on long gorgeous legs. This is achieved when shoes do not contrast too heavily with your skirt or trousers. The low contrast will visually elongate the leg and make them look just as long and flattering as the models on the runway. Keep the contrast with the pant leg or the skirt by not having blunt opposites in your color group.  When wearing black denim, try to avoid white shoes even if they are a crème or eggshell white…nobody should be wearing white shoes after Labor Day anyway.  Black or charcoal heels with a black straight leg jean would make a fantastic option because the colors are in the same color family and will add height to your petite frame effortlessly. During the warm and hot months of the summer, there is a trick you can pull off when wearing a short custom dress or a skirt.  Wearing a pair of heels or wedges that match your skin tone as closely as possible could and will easily elongate the legs and flatter your natural shape.

When you make the decision to choose custom clothing as petite women for your style choice you are taking your fashion status into your own hands. Take into consideration all of your features that you want to highlight and those that you want to downplay in the design process and make your design decisions based on those considerations. Your custom trouser be it a pair of hand tailored slacks or a straight leg jean, it will brush the top of your shoe and give the appearance of height in every situation. For the petite frame the custom design process means that for once, your wardrobe will fit exactly since the items are tailor made for you.