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My Custom Tailor Five Tips For Buying Bespoke Business Suits

Buying a business suit can be a stressful experience. Not only do you want to look good and create a lasting positive first impression, but you also want to feel comfortable and at ease in your choice of clothing. This can be difficult to achieve with ready-made off the peg garments, hence why more people are choosing bespoke business suits as part of their professional wardrobe. There are five handy tips to consider when ordering bespoke men’s suits.


Durability is an important factor when thinking about bespoke men’s suits. These suits will be worn day in and day out, and subjected to many different stresses and strains that business life brings. Whilst a fine fabric might look and feel amazing, it is generally not the most suitable cloth to create a tough and long-lasting business suit. A business suit needs to be able to withstand sitting for long hours at a desk, and not snagging easily on table edges and other office furniture. It needs to be able to sit on trains, car seats and planes and not look jaded after a few weeks of commuting. Bespoke men’s suits need to be easy to clean and wipe down after any unfortunate drips and spills at a working lunch. You want something stylish yet practical, something that will look as good when you finish the day as when you started. With a fantastic range of quality fabrics, an experienced tailor at My Custom Tailor can assist you with choosing the perfect fabric for your new suit.


The color and pattern of a suit is the first thing that people notice about a suit, before the style, before the textile types, and before any design features. Color and patterns are therefore paramount when choosing bespoke suits for men. Different colors suit different complexions; choose traditional colors that complement your features. Bold and bright colors may be great for casual wear, but they are not so good for formal wear. Blacks, greys and dark blues are popular choices for men’s business suits made bespoke, with some people also favoring browns and dark greens. The choice of pattern is also important too. Pinstripes, checks and herringbones may work well in some work environments, but not in others. Consider your industry carefully and the clothing expectations, before making a final decision on color and pattern.


Whilst the style of suit is very much up to the consumer, a tailor can assist with recognizing and understanding those styles that are likely to go out of fashion very quickly, and will seem dated and old-fashioned in a few years, and those that are more traditional and have stood the test of time to become ageless classics. Some suit styles do not convey the necessary level of formality for the workplace, so this is an important factor when choosing the style for bespoke men’s suits.

Design Features

As with style, there are some design features that are not so appropriate for bespoke suits for men. If you are unsure, a professional tailor can help to guide you through the suit process to ensure that your garment is truly suitable for you.


Because bespoke business suits are made based on the wearer's individual dimensions, you can be guaranteed an excellent fit. This will look great, feel great and give you a great sense of well-being and confidence.

By considering these five aspects, you can be sure of a match made in heaven when ordering bespoke suits for men.

 The People who Create Bespoke Business Suits

For those people who want to convey a sophisticated, professional, stylish and confident demeanor in the workplace, bespoke men’s suits are rapidly gaining popularity. Professionals are drawn to the idea of having an input in the end product, and the feeling of luxury when a garment is made to their own individual shape and tastes. When buying bespoke suits for men there is absolute freedom to create the garment that you want, of course with some guidance and advice from the tailor. When discussing your suit requirements, and during the creation of your suit, there are several skilled people involved in the process. But who are these people? Have you ever wondered who exactly plays which role in the creation of quality bespoke business suits?

At My Custom Tailor there are several teams who all have an input from when you order your suit to when your suit is received.

The IT Department, Graphics Team and Programming Team work in harmony to make sure the customer has a great online shopping experience, and that all information is displayed accurately and invitingly on an easy to use and user-friendly website. The Administration Team works hard to maintain stock supplies, making sure that there is an unrivalled and up to date cloth inventory and all other necessary items to create quality garments. The Sales and Support Team provide expert advice to customers on all their clothing needs, including handy tips for men’s business suits made bespoke. They have a dazzling and impressive knowledge of the fashion world and tailoring industry. The Swatch and Sampling Team can speedily send out samples of different fabrics to assist with the decisions making process when ordering suits made bespoke. The Production Team, including cutters, tailors and seamstresses, works with diligence to make sure that your items are exactly as you want them. The Quality Control Team performs further checks on items before they are dispatched, to guarantee perfection. The Logistics Team handles the shipping of clothes all over the globe.

All teams work closely together to ensure you receive bespoke business suits you can be proud to own and wear, so it is little wonder that My Custom Tailor, with three generations of tailors, is a popular choice for professionals seeking professional attire.

If you visit the Bangkok shop in person, you will be greeted by a smiling, friendly and knowledgeable sales person, before being measured by a cutter. Tailors and seamstresses will then create your garments, with different people being responsible for different features of suits made bespoke. Some members of the team will be responsible for collars, whilst others focus on cuffs and others on hems. Each detail is finished by a skilled tradesperson, who has mastered everything to do with their particular specialization when making clothes. If you order online, you will have access to sales people by telephone or email, and you will provide your own detailed measurements via an easy to complete web form. Whether an order is placed in person or online the same level of care goes into crafting all bespoke business suits.

How to Measure Yourself for Men's bespoke Suits

When you choose to order men's bespoke suits online you will need to take accurate and precise measurements of various parts of your body to ensure a completely perfect fit. If you are unsure of how to do this, however, it is possible to provide standard sizes based on ready-made items that you already own. Whilst the experienced and skilled tailors will endeavor to create excellent items that fit you perfectly by using the measurements you provide, it is still preferable to take your own measurements, or perhaps ask someone to assist you, to make sure that men's bespoke suits really are an ideal fit. There are some helpful video guides on My Custom Tailor's website to assist when measuring yourself for men's bespoke suits.

Good fitting clothes look better and feel more comfortable. Measuring yourself will not take long, and the easy to complete measurement form makes sure that you provide all relevant measurements in order for your garments to be correctly sized, unique to your dimensions. My Custom Tailor makes no additional charges for big and tall items.

When measuring yourself for men's bespoke suits, all measurements must be taken off the body and not from another garment. This is to make sure that there is no scope for error; some fabrics stretch more than others and can give a false measurement figure. Don't stretch the tape measure too tightly or leave it very slack when you read the sizes.

You will need to measure from the lower end of your shoulder to your required jacket length, as well as from the upper end of the shoulder to your desired length. To make sure the back of the jacket is the correct length for you, measure from the lower collar seam to the desired length. You will need to take measurements around your waist, hips, stomach and chest. It is also necessary for you to measure flat across your chest and flat across your back, as well as giving your full shoulder and half shoulder measurements. To ensure your sleeves are the right length, measure from the shoulder seam to the length required, and also measure around your wrist at the widest point. You should also measure around your neck.

For excellent fitting trousers as part of men's bespoke suits, you should accurately measure your length and inseam. To measure the length, start at the top of your waist line and finish at the bottom of where you want the cuff to be. To measure the inseam, start at the crotch and finish at the bottom of the cuff. You will need to measure around your thighs, your cuffs and provide the “U” crutch dimensions.

As well as providing your measurements, you should also choose from various options relating to your shape. These are illustrated, and require a simple click of the mouse. For great men's bespoke suits you will need to assess your shoulders, your arm lengths, your arm silhouettes, and silhouettes of your chest, stomach and back. Be realistic when providing these details and base them on your normal posture and stance. You will also need to state your normal standing position and neck position, neck length and leg stance, thigh stance, seat stance and waist stance.

At first glance, this may seem like a lot of information to provide. It is important though to guarantee great fitting men's bespoke suits to be proud of.