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My Custom Tailor Creating A Wardrobe Of Mens Custom Clothing

Appearance matters! The harsh truth of our reality is that people have always and will always judge you by how you look. Every day we pass by hundreds of people at the train station, in lobbies, or on the streets, that you may never utter a single word to, yet despite this lack of actual communication, assumptions are being made as to the reliability and intentions of those around you. That might sound a little shallow and unfair but I’m sure you too have done this. You see someone walking up the street in ratty, torn clothing and you assume their homeless, you see someone in a business suit that doesn’t fit them well and you assume their cheap, you see someone in a nice suit and your first thought is that they must be making good money. We all make these assumptions about strangers that we walk past as we go on about our day. This also means that everyone you meet might just be judging you on your appearance, this means everyone from business associates, possible investors, clients, potential romantic partners, and anyone else who comes in your direction during the day. You always hear people saying that you should for the job that you want not the one that you have, we also believe that you should dress for the life that you want. If your goal is to make partner at your firm, or to have your own Forbes featured business, then maybe investing in a few good business suits that are hand tailored to give you a sophisticated and classy look would be a good idea. But if we are being honest, we know that suits and corner offices are not a part of everyone’s ultimate life goals, some men want a simple life with simple treasures, and they too deserve to have great clothing that flatters them. The trick to building a wardrobe of clothing that will last you close to a life time, is knowing the kind of clothing your dream wardrobe should have. In this article we help you figure out the best possible staples for your life now and that that you plan on having in the next few years.

Before we can even get in to buying new clothes be it a few casual pieces or a custom tailor made suit and finding your ultimate style, you need to do a little closet cleansing. Letting go of clothes including some of those worn out business suits, may be hard for many of us and we can hang on to items of clothing that we honestly have not worn in many years and we never will. Sometimes we hold on to old clothes that barely fit because of the memory behind them and not the item itself. Having an emotional attachment is not healthy and could even lead to hoarding. It would be a lot better for you to keep a journal with photographs of all of your great memories than leaving your wardrobe filled with clothing that only serve as memoirs. Instead of looking at this clean-out as you throwing out old clothes, think of it as you making room for a great new collection of clothes that will last you and serve you past trends. We are certainly not suggesting that you get rid of all of your clothes just the ones that fit poorly and the ones you know you haven’t worn in a while. Anything that is ill fitting, including custom tailor made suits that are over five years old, trousers, coats, pullovers, and son on should be donated to your nearest organization or thrift store. If something still fits well but you have not worn in over a year, there is a good chance you’ll never wear it again, these items should also be donated. This is also a great time to throw out clothing that does not really fit in to your ideal style. Remember that you are doing this to build your new staple wardrobe, there is certainly no reason for you to keep clothing that do not fit into your ideal closet. If you find it hard to give away clothing or to get rid of clothing, try to get your spouse, partner, or a good friend involved with helping you clean out your closet. Now that you have cleaned out all of your old clothes, it is time to start shopping for new items depending on what kind of wardrobe you want.

There are four main styles that can help you build your ideal wardrobe. There is the constant professional’s wardrobe which is made for men who wear suits all week long, Monday to Friday. You might be the kind of man who meets clients for lunches and dinners, you might even have to dress well over the weekend as you often run in to clients and colleagues in town when you are shopping or enjoying a meal. You literally are a constant professional and you need a wardrobe that shows that. You might work as a lawyer, an accountant, a broker, or someone with a job were people need to trust you with sensitive and personal information. Your staple wardrobe will always be custom tailor made suits and clothing that is comfortable, looks highly sophisticated, and is always elegant. To build the best possible wardrobe for a constant professional you will need the following clothing items: at least six custom tailored suits, five pairs of stylish and comfortable dress shoes, two pairs of casual leather shoes, belts that match your shoes, fifteen or more hand tailored dress shirts, the same amount of ties, a pair of made to measure jeans with no rips or flamboyant designs, two to four pairs of custom tailored men’s slacks, a few button up sports shirts for the weekend, some solid colored polo men’s shirts, eight sweaters,  ten or more undershirt V-necks,  a couple of sports jackets to compliment your sports men’s shirts, a navy blazer, ten or more pocket squares, four simple dress watches, a custom hand tailored overcoat, a pair of leather gloves,  a trench coat,  a hat, and a few cuff links. This might sound like a lot, but the good news is that you and your tailor can build your professional wardrobe over a period of time, there really is no rush. The second kind of men’s wardrobe is the business owner’s wardrobe. This is great if you seldom wear a suit for meetings with clients or stakeholders, but you prefer a more casual look in your office while still preserving your professionalism. The ideal items for this closet are as follows: at least one custom tailored men’s suit, a pair of stylish dress shoes, some leather shoes, matching belts, ten or more dress shirts, a couple of made to measure jeans, slacks, button-up sport shirts, a few solid polo shirts, five or more sweaters, a few sports jackets, a simple watch that goes along with everything, an overcoat, a custom trench coat, a stylish hat, collar stays or cuff links. The next type of wardrobe is one for a man with a job that requires you to wear a uniform. You rarely wear a suit, but when you do you like to look your best. Your main clothing items for a man in uniform are mostly casual wear including a sport jacket, five or more undershirts, three sweaters, a few polo shirts, two or more button-up collared sport shirts, two pairs of slacks, a couple of ties, six dress shirts, a pair of nice leather shoes and a matching pair of shoes, one hand tailored suit with a pair of dress shoes should be enough to cover you for any formal events. Last on the list is the casual creative. This is someone who works in a more casual environment filled with creativity where conformity really isn’t a priority. This does not mean that you should show up to work in the clothes you slept in, style is important and you still need to look presentable. To build this casual and cool closet you will need to invest in a few hand tailored dress men’s shirts with unique fabrics and contrast stitching, five or more made to measure jeans, two elegant and comfortable pairs of slacks, ten or more button-up sport shirts, a couple of polo shirts, a few colorful sweaters, and a few undershirts. Always try to buy tops with interesting colors, fabrics, styles, and so on.

Whether you’re a constant professional, a uniform man, a casual entrepreneur who enjoys a good business suit every now and then, or a creative individual with a casual job, it is always important to look your best. The above suggested clothing might seem like a lot if you try to shop for everything in one go. Remember that it may take you years to put this closet together, but it is important that you always buy high quality items that will last you for many years. Building a wardrobe full of staple items that you can wear to work, meetings, dinners, golf, races, other sport events, and pretty much anywhere else will also help you save money in the long run. Not only is this a great investment for your closet, it is also a great investment for your career, and your overall life.