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My Custom Tailor Choosing The Style Of The Skirt For Custom Suit

Once you have completed your initial design decisions and chosen to wear a skirt over a pair of custom trousers, then the task becomes to design a skirt that goes along with your ensemble. Some of the design elements to consider when you are creating your custom skirt are color, style, and length. As you design the style of your skirt, there are several factors that you need to consider in order for the skirt to be appropriate for the event that you are wearing it to. Begin your process by examining your body type and which style will look best on your figure. Once you have chosen a style based on your shape you must then consider what looks best on a person of your height. Finally, consider the event that you will be attending and make your selection based on the dress code of that event.

What Custom Skirt Looks Best On Your Shape?

On no account to your body shape, every woman can find the perfect skirt to make a real style statement. So, whether you want to show some leg in a cute and flattering mini or look incredibly stylish in a becoming maxi, you can easily find the perfect skirt for you. From the popular A-line skirt to a pencil, an hourglass to a pear, there are quite a few skirt styles for you to try, and just as many body types. While it really when it comes to fashion, the number one rule is to wear what you like best and what makes you feel good,  but it can never hurt to know the most flattering skirt option for your gorgeous frame when you're getting ready in a hurry.

There are certain rules to remember when choosing the right fit. Following these rules will ensure that you choose a skirt that will enhance all your best features, and hide the “not-so-good” ones.

Straight (rectangular) body shape

Someone with a straight body type has shoulders, waist and hips that are a comparatively similar width and will often line up. With this body shape the aim is always to choose skirts that will flatter your waist and hips. Go for A-line skirts, pleated skirts, pencil skirts, tulle skirts and mini-skirts. These skirts will do the job great every time, they will make your body look as if it were curvier. The great thing about these skirts is that they seem to always be available in store and you can find a custom tailor to create your own unique pieces.

Hourglass body shape

The ever so envied hourglass body shape has a small waist, wide hips and a big bust area. The main idea in using this shape to your benefit would be to draw attention to that skinny waist. The textbook skirts for this body shape consist of high-waist skirts, pencil skirts, fluted skirts, and even the occasional A-line. These skirts will beautifully highlight your waistline. When you think about dressing for your body shape, the idea is usually to create that coveted hourglass shape! So, if you’ve already got those curves, flaunt them because they really are quite beautiful to look at and will certainly turn heads wherever you go.

Apple body shape

The apple body shape has generally broad shoulders and bust area with small hips. For this body shape the aim is to draw attention to the waist area. Set your sights on high-waist skirts and skater skirts because these are the skirts that will give you great volume in your hip area. Avoid miniskirts and pencil skirts at all costs. If you’re an apple shape you carry most of your weight around your middle, but are likely to have great legs...we know you can’t really complain about that! It can be easy for you to wear a dress as you can opt for an A-line which simply skims over your midriff and draws attention to your gorgeous legs.

But don’t feel discouraged about wearing skirts because it is without a doubt possible to find some beautifully becoming skirts too! A cute loose, flirty, flared skirt will look lovely on you.

Pear body shape

The beautiful pear shape is one which has a narrow bust and wide hips. The aim here is to accentuate your waist area as is with all the other shapes. Opt for A-line skirts, pencil skirts and high-waist skirts. They bring focus to your waist area and take attention away from your wide hips. If you are a pear shape, your bottom half will be wider than your top half. To create balance, an A-line skirt will very beautifully accentuate and flatter the smallest part of your waist and flare out over your hips to minimize your lower half. Choosing a skirt in a darker color will also help to slim your hips and thighs.

 What Custom Skirt Length is best for Your Height?

Other than your body shape, the other big element to consider when designing your custom skirt is your own height. The length of your custom skirt will create a silhouette that will either lengthen or shorten your frame. As a rule of thumb, the length of your skirt should fall just above the knee. That length will be appropriate in every setting, but will still be stylish enough for people to take notice. If you have a petite frame, any skirt that falls below the knee will make you appear shorter than you are.

What is the Dress Code of the Event That You Will Attend?

Finally, consider the dress code for the event that you are attending. If the event is a formal event, then you want to choose a skirt that will be long enough to be appropriate for the event while at the same time still being the correct length for your height. If you are designing a custom skirt for a less formal event like an evening date then you may want to design a shorter skirt that will contain a slightly flirty vibe. A custom skirt is a staple that should be included in every woman's wardrobe. Be sure to work closely with your custom tailor and create a look that you can both be proud of.