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My Custom Tailor Choosing The Perfect Trouser For Every Occasion

When you are working with your custom tailor, it opens up a world of options for you in terms of style. Your custom tailor can help you create anything that you can imagine in terms of fashion. If you can believe it or dream it, with the help of your custom tailor it can be.

Choose trousers that suit your shape

When someone goes shopping for custom trousers it is important that they choose trousers that flatter their unique body shape. For many men it may be a little intimidating to find men’s trousers that suit their body but getting a tailor will certainly be able to help you with this and so will reading a few fashion blogs. Here are the four main body types in men and the best possible kinds of trousers for them:

Rectangular Body Type

Men with a more rectangular body shape look taller and thinner than they are. It is an illusion created when the shoulder, waist and hip measurements are parallel to one another. When looking for men’s trousers choose pants that help you appear broader in the shoulders by going with straight or tapered trousers in slim and skinny sizes. But as always, the most flattering trousers you’ll ever buy will come from a tailor

Muscular Body Type

Those with a stronger build look best in slim fit men’s trousers. These show off your slim waist and give the allure of defined legs without being too tight. When purchasing a suit off the rack in a store, look for slim and sculpted sizes, with double-breasted jacket selections that aren't too overpowering style wise, something subtle.

Fit Body Type

If you have an average build with light to medium muscle definition, you are probably one of the lucky ones who look good in anything. Your best bet would definitely be tapered trousers. Just make sure the style of your shirt, jacket and pants match. A large dress shirt with skinny slacks will throw off your body's naturally good-looking balance.

Triangle Body Type

Being a triangle is definitely a challenge that we can agree with. This is mainly because the latest styles are made for your polar opposites. What's a guy to do, short of sporting shoulder pads? Restructure your silhouette. Choose straight-legged men’s trousers to lessen the look of a wider midsection and hips, and skip tapered, slim or skinny bottoms at all costs.

Buy a pair of trousers that fit

If you look back to the 1940s, trousers were measured only by leg length rather than waist size. As a result, they were worn high on the waist, above the stomach. This means that men’s trousers were very baggy. This is something you’ll find in old photographs and you too might be guilty of wearing your trousers in this fashion. Baggy trousers are not flattering at all. If you are shopping for trousers, the best way to get the greatest possible fit is to see a tailor.

Choose Pleat or No Pleat

The first step in designing your custom trouser is to determine where you will be wearing your custom trouser. The occasion that you choose to wear your custom trouser to will aid in determining which design elements are appropriate and which elements will make it to the cutting room floor. Consider the pleat as a design element. Dressier occasions call for a pleated trouser. The pleat will help set your custom trouser apart from the more casual designs in the room. For causal occasions choose a flat front pant that will be appropriate for luncheons or sporting events.

Choose Cuff or No Cuff

The next in the design process is related to working with your custom tailor to decide whether or not your custom trouser will have a cuff or not. The cuff is a design element whose use is often determined by the height of the wearer. If a person is on the shorter side, a cuff can sometimes make a person look shorter than they are. On the other hand if you are taller, then the choice to use a cuff is typically related strictly to style preference.

Choose an Appropriate Pocket

When you are working with your custom tailor to design your custom trouser and the time comes to choose a pocket, the largest consideration to make is what type of body frame that you have. A fuller pocket can add volume to your frame. If you have a small frame and are looking to add volume, then choose a full pocket to accomplish that goal. If however, you have a full frame and are looking to reduce the appearance of volume at the waist, then choose a slit pocket that will avoid the bulk caused by a full pocket. The final consideration when it comes to choosing a pocket for your custom trouser is what all you typically carry in your pocket. Ensure that you choose a pocket that is large enough to hold all that you need it to.

Select the Style of Pant Leg

Depending on the type of trouser that you are looking for, one of the final decisions to make is the style of pant that you will wear. A skinny fit is a great custom trouser option for you casual occasions. If you are planning to wear your custom trouser to a business function, then select a wide leg trouser that will meet all dress code guidelines.

As you begin the process of building your custom wardrobe a custom trouser is one of those staple items that every man must have. The dressy trouser that you design will be the office. The casual designs can serve you for day luncheons or sporting events with the guys. Choose your design elements based on your body type and personal style preferences and then watch how they transform your wardrobe.