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My Custom Tailor Choosing Accessories For Your Custom Suit

Every great custom wardrobe needs a collection of custom accessories that coordinate with that wardrobe choices. When it comes to fashion, accessories are like the icing on the cake, they give you that extra sparkle and charm. Even if you run through every imaginable suit, shirt and tie combination that you own in your cupboard it can still feel as if you are wearing the same thing over and over again. But there is really no need for you to be discouraged because there are many great ways to give your suits a little life without getting ahead of yourself or spending a fortune. All you really have to do is spruce up your look with a few elegant accessories that will bring color, form and liveliness into the mix, creating a debonair outfit that many will envy and adore. In this article we will cover some of the most basic accessories and a few more high-fashion pieces that you might just love.


This might seem like an obvious accessories but you have no idea just how grand the style opportunities are with ties. While wearing a custom tailored suit without a tie is a look all by itself, in addition a tie will elevate your look it for more formal occasions. There just seems to be something about a man with a tie that gives off a feeling of being sophisticated and elegant. A man's tie is one of easiest tailored suit accessories to put on and instantly look chic. For men a necktie is their version of a statement necklace. This one item can be a window into your overall style persona and their personality as a whole. As you choose a custom necktie there are some important factors to consider. The first consideration to make when you are choosing a custom necktie is where you will be wearing the custom necktie to. Formal occasions will mean that you need to have classic custom necktie options. Choosing the best tie for your custom tailored suit really depends on the formality of the occasion you are headed to. For business and work functions, opting for a light colored tie with a small and intricate pattern will make you look stylish without crossing into too formal. For more formal occasions such as a wedding or a black tie event, go for a tie in the same color group as your suit for a sleek and elegant look. Choose several custom neckties in colors like black, red, and blue as those colors are appropriate for every social situation. Next, think about the solid dress shirts in your custom wardrobe. For those custom dress shirts you need to choose neckties that have a pattern that will match the solid canvas that they will be placed on. Ties certainly do not have to be serious business, they can also be fun with patterns and prints that will draw eyes your way.

Cuff Links and Tie Clips

Once you have selected the custom tie options that will serve best in your wardrobe and adorn your favorite dress shirt, it is time to think about select the custom accessories that will coordinate with the custom neckties that you have chosen. You can find many fun and unique tie bar designs to add some style, humor and color to your tie and to liven up your suit or custom dress shirt. Cuff links and tie clips in multiple options are a must have when it comes to enhancing your custom wardrobe with accessories. Choose accessories in silver, gold and platinum. Those accessories will coordinate with every piece of your custom wardrobe. If you are looking for fun pieces, all you have to do is search online. There are many stores with high quality clips and cuff links with interesting designs for a subtle flamboyance.


The next must have accessory when it comes to building your custom wardrobe is to select several belt options that will coordinate with your other custom pieces. For men, you must choose a black belt and a brown belt that will work with your office attire, and also a brown belt and a black belt that will coordinate with casual outfits as well. For women, the options are limitless. Your professional wardrobe needs a black belt, a brown belt, and an animal print belt. Your casual wardrobe needs those same options in a less formal fabric, and it also needs several metallic belt options. Metallic belts were a hot item this season and will continue to make their mark on the fashion industry for seasons to come.


Socks are the final accessory option that needs to be chosen for your custom wardrobe. The pattern of your sock will show as you sit in your custom trouser, which means socks are another way to express yourself with fashion. Of course you need dress socks in the typical black and brown pattern, but you can also go a little outside the box with the patterns that you choose for your socks. They won’t stand out too much, they are socks after all, but they will spruce up your overall look and add a great touch of color to your outfit. Don’t go with colorful accessories though. If you have a brilliantly colored tie and pocket square, you should really dial it down with the color of your socks and vice versa. Remember that accessories are like the icing on the cake when it comes to building a custom wardrobe. Custom accessories will be what set you apart from others. Choose socks, belts, and neckties that will enhance your custom wardrobe and express who you are. Then, flaunt your style with confidence.


Pocket squares might seem a little too much for just another day at the office, but it really does add such a simple elegance to any suit. Instead of going for the normal boring white, silver, or black, choose a bright, vibrantly designed pocket square to make your suit more fun and casual. The color system of your chosen pocket square should always balance out with your tie, not match it. Don’t be afraid to play around with bold and interesting patterns, bright colors and colorful designs that catch the eye, especially if your tie is less intriguing or if you’re not wearing one at all. If bright colors aren’t your thing, just refold your pocket square into a different shape and keep it neutral in terms of color but eye-catching in terms of style. You can look up some great folding techniques online, or learn from a friend.


Elevate your everyday suit with a pair of statement shoes to take your style and sophistication up another notch. The rules with wearing statement shoes are pretty simple; as long as you keep your outfit basic and one-dimensional, wearing a bold pair of statement shoes that proudly show off prints, patterns or colors will liven up your overall look making you look elegant, stylish, and chic. There are many great options for statement footwear that you can use to incorporate color and extra style to your regular suits so don’t hesitate to try something new if you like it. Shoes never have to be simple or boring.

Accessorizing a suit that is already a little too formal can be intimidating, trust me I know. But don't let this stop you from playing around and having some fun with suit accessories to really enhance your look. There are so many options when it comes to accessorizing your outfit that you'll definitely find your perfect look. Simple pieces like a tie and a watch can work wonders on their own. If you're feeling extra fancy, slide on a tie clip, lapel pin, a pocket square and any other accessories you want. Fashion should be fun…always!