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My Custom Tailor Choosing A Custom Suit For The Petite Frame

When you are selecting and designing your custom suit, before you can begin the process you must first identify your own body type in order to make the right design decisions. One of the ways that you can classify your body type is by your height. As a woman if you are shorter than 5 feet 2 inches tall, then you are classified as petite. As a petite woman, there are certain elements that you must stay away from in order to create the best look for you.

Custom Trousers for the Petite Frame

One of the biggest mistakes that petite women typically make as they are designing their custom suit is in their trouser selection. For the petite frame, designing a custom trouser is often the most perfect solution on the market. Even when items are marketed to the petite custom the length still does meet the requirements necessary for the perfect fit. A custom trouser then becomes the perfect solution in that situation. Length is never an issue when you have designed a custom trouser. They are tailor made suits for you. Your trouser is the perfect length if it brushes the top of your shoe without touching the floor. Once you have chosen the length of your trouser, the remaining decisions are all about style. A straight leg trouser adds height to a petite frame. When you are designing your custom trouser if you are able to wear straight leg trousers, then they are the best possible option. Avoid choosing the flared option if you have a petite frame as they make a petite person appear shorter than they are. You must also consider the type of shoe that you will wear with your custom trouser. If you are planning to wear a heel with your custom trouser, then you may need to add some length to your trouser to accommodate the heel of the shoe.

Creating Shape with Your Custom Suit

The next step in making the most figure flattering style decisions for the petite frame is about using your custom wardrobe as a means to create shape with tailor made suits. In order to create shape with your custom wardrobe, you must first consider the color palette of your custom suit. When you wear a completely monochromatic look, then you appear to have a straight shape. If you are looking to create an hourglass shape with your custom suit, then add a bold color dress shirt under your custom blazer and then add a belt at the waist to highlight the smallest part of your body. For example, pair a custom black trouser paired with an emerald green custom dress shirt under your custom blazer and then accessorize the ensemble with a metallic belt to draw attention to your waistline. Also, when designing your custom blazer choose a fitted shape that buttons firmly at the waist in order to help create your desired shape.

The key to success in the fashion world is identifying your shape and classifying your body type based on that identification so as to have the most flattering tailor made suits made. For each figure, there are certain features that are benefits to the figure and others that are challenges when it comes to your figure. If you fall into the petite category then the challenge that arises when you design a custom suit is to choose elements that will elongate the frame and create shape. Once you have mastered those skills, the rest of your fashion journey will be smooth sailing.

Wear Low-Contrasting Footwear

Every custom wardrobe should have great shoes to pair with any outfit. Shoes for the shorter woman are quite important as they can have a lengthening effect. This is achieved when shoes don’t contrast too heavily with the pants that one is wearing. The low contrast will make your legs look longer than what they are and thus make you look taller. Keep the contrast with the pant leg low by not having dramatic opposites in your color groups when getting dressed. When wearing dark pants, try to avoid light colored shoes at all costs.  Black or charcoal dress shoes with black pants are always a fantastic option because the colors are within the same family group of colors.

During the warm and summer months, there is a trick you can use wearing casual shorts.  You can opt for shoes with a more natural tone such as tan. The final approach to shoes is to pay attention to the shape and the silhouette of the shoe. Remember that the goal is to elongate the leg. Wear a pointed toe shoe – rounded or squared off toes can shorten the foot. Pointed toes visually lengthen the foot and, subsequently, the leg. Keep the shoe below the ankle, this applies to wearing shorts. Low top shoes show more ankle as opposed to high tops or boots that shorten the leg because the rise is past the ankle.

Choose Long Topcoats

Topcoats that fall to the mid-thigh area helps to lengthen the torso and create height. One thing to pay close attention is the surrounding pieces. If they are monochromatic or of a similar shade it will create a streamlined look with the coat. The key here is to really get familiar with the main colors in your closet and shop for coats and shoes that resemble those colors or are within the color pallet. We recommend that you have neutral tones for versatility in both a heavyweight and lighter weight. Wool topcoats are great elements to help achieve this length. The key is to make sure that it doesn't contrast heavily with the rest of the outfit. If you can find these patterns knit within the fabric it is also a plus as the give a subtle vertical weave which subconsciously creates more length.

 Add Visual Length

This one takes some moxie and creativity. Let yourself play around with collar sizes and narrow lapels. When these elements are worn correctly they will draw attention upwards but simultaneously lengthen the neck and narrow your frame. Vertical lines – This is the most obvious one to most short women, and for good reason. It does help elongate the body, and add the appearance of visual length. Hats are fantastic for adding some inches to the top of your head. There are dozens of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from that can be the focal point of the outfit. With the eyes pulled upward, length will have been achieved. Jackets – look to wear two button jackets as opposed to three or four button pieces. Also, the top button should be above the waist which gives the appearance of a higher waistline and longer legs. The pockets of the jacket should be closely placed together. When they are out wide it makes the torso look wide. Wear accessories that match your eyes and hair. Both are at the top of your body and will draw the eye upward.

Being a petite woman might not seem like the best body type but remember that some of the top action and romance movie stars are quite short themselves. Plus, it’s not really the end of the world if you are not 6 feet tall. There are many great ways to play around with clothing and accessories to add a little extra length to your body.