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My Custom Tailor A Well Built Athletes Body

If you have a great built body that you are proud of, it makes perfect sense that you want to wear clothes that flatter your body. As an athletic man or women with a more athletic body than the average Joe actually finding a good suit that fits you well is a nearly impossible task. The harsh truth is that athletic suits just do not exist in large brands…even those that offer an athletic cut among their styles This is a problem we can blame on many things but mainly that big house brands that you find at your local mall or shopping center prefer to tailor the suits to a leaner built demographic because the fashion houses still believe that they are the majority group and thus they value profit over customer satisfaction. How many times have you spent a decent amount of money on a house brand suit that fit too tight around the chest and shoulders area but was loose and unkempt in the waist area because of your small waist? How many times have you bought a suit and had to have it tailored for an outrageous amount just so it can fit you properly? Yes, we know, suit shopping for an athletic body can be incredibly frustrating. Believe it or not, the best thing for you to do when shopping for a suit that compliments your strong physic, the best option is to approach a tailor for a full custom order suit. This means that from the very first stitch of the custom tailoring of your suit it will be made specially to fit you perfectly, and the price tag on this service is really not as heavy as one might think if they have the right tailor. In this article we will get into why finding a great fitting skirt suit for athletic women or a flattering suit for men with a more athletic build, reasons why you should strongly consider getting a tailor, and a few extra tips on things that can help you when you shop for your next suit.

The struggle truly is real for women and men with athletic bodies who also love to wear suits because of their small waist and large size chest and shoulders, it is hard to find athletic suits that truly fit a well built body. Big brand companies still use a general sizing system that neglects many customers from different size groups and usually only caters to someone with a small size but not those with a large size or an athletic body. Brands do not offer you the option of custom tailoring your suit so that it can fit you properly. The most unfortunate thing about this when it comes to a well built man or women, you actually look really great in a well fitting suit. Most fashion house brands find it difficult to cater to athletes because they feel that adding an athletic cut to their suit styles is too much trouble for a minority group in their target market. Men and women who lift weights and who have particularly muscular body can be hard to cater to if you do not have their personal measurements because as you can imagine, a body that is constantly in training and that is always being developed does not really have the straight more rectangular shape that lean people have. As someone who trains regardless of your gender, you probably have a large size chest and shoulders area, a small waist, and muscular large legs. Fashion brands who do offer the athletic cut option do their best at making a suit that might just fit you by using a cut commonly known as the drop. This is when they make the upper part of the suit jacket quite spacious and they do their best to slightly taper it in at the waist, and they sell the jacket with a pair of suit pants that are usually a few inches smaller. Although this serves as a great alternative to a traditionally cut women’s suit or men’s suit, it still might not fit just right and you might want to look in to custom tailoring your suits. The reality of it is simply that no matter how much a big brand might want to cater for an athletic build in their men’s suit collection or in their women’s suit collection, expense wise it won’t be worth the company’s efforts, but it could be a very different story for a custom tailor who could easily offer you the option of athletic suits that are custom tailored to fit you.

A professionally custom tailored suit made for an athlete’s body is nothing like off the rack “athletic suits”. From the very cut of the fabric, it is made with you in mind that is why it is called custom tailoring and not general tailoring. A tailor will ask for accurate measurements, ask you what fabric you want the suit made out of, and the style you want. You are completely involved in the entire process of making your suit. Getting a custom suit is a little more hands on then buying one from a brand store, the essence of your personality will go into every stitch and you will definitely be surprised just how affordable a custom tailor can be. Another pro to having a custom tailor make your suits is that the result will always be flattering to you. As a women who enjoys working out and training, many people may think that a feminine skirt suit is not for you, but you’ll be surprised just how flattering a well tailored skirt suit will look on your gorgeous body. For athletic men, you need a suit with a style that compliments your broad chest and shoulder while drawing attention away from your small waist to give you that Superman effect that always looks very good on a muscular man. You’re first thought might be to buy a large size suit, but that really never is the right answer; you need a size that specially fits you. Given that a custom tailor will have your personal measurements for your custom athletic cut suit, it will be very easy for them to create a masterpiece that will perfectly highlight and flatter your body in all of the right places. This will also mean that you will no longer show up to formal events or important meetings looking as though your clothes do not fit properly but rather in suits that flatter your athlete’s body.

You will certainly be in good hands with a custom tailor when you need a suit for your athletic body but if you really do not know much about finding the perfect suit for you, whether it’s a tailored piece or an off the rack suit, here are a few pointers. For athletic built women, there is only one big tip we can give you. You have one of the most beautiful body shapes for a female and it is envied by many, so show it off! Avoid straight cuts in suits and clothing in general because the does nothing for your well earned physic, instead opt for skirts and pants that taper towards the bottom and suit jackets and blouses that emphasize your lovely waist. Most importantly, remember that you are beautiful. When it comes to athletic men with a drop or V shaped body, there are a few more things you might want to pay attention to when it comes to a good suit for you that flatters you. Avoid slim cut suits that make you look like you’re about to bust out of your clothes. When looking for a suit style, we highly suggest that you ask for a standard fit that you can easily fill out with a vest. Yes, we are suggesting that you wear three piece suits. Despite what you may think, a well built man looks rather dashing and sophisticated in a three piece suit. Cuffed pleated pants should probably be the number one item in your closet. For someone with a thin waist and large built legs, the pleats are flattering and they offer your strong legs a little extra leg room. Avoid the oh so beloved minimalist one button suit jacket, this will certainly draw unwanted attention to your waist, plus it will even give your waist a more cinch finish. Opt for a classic cut piece with multiple buttons. This with flatter the traditional pleated pants, and also give the illusion of a slightly filled waist. When shopping for a formal jacket, always make sure it has regular lapels instead of skinny lapels that could look incredibly unflattering on anyone with a large chest, also please leave the skinny tie alone, it is not for you. Another quick tip for men who want to avoid the hourglass shape in a suit, we suggest getting a double vented suit jacket. If all else fails, ask your tailor.

Being healthy and fit should never be a reason for you to give up looking stylish in a suit. Shopping with a muscular athletic build could be a little frustrating but it does not mean you don’t have options within the fashion community to find athletic suits that fit your physic. You can also look up your favorite athletes and body builders and see what their wearing to give you an indication on what might best suit your phenomenal body. Baggy, heavy looking clothing should never be your go to option; you deserve custom tailored suits that flatter every contour of your built body. Invest in finding a great tailor that you can easily communicate with and that understands your personal style and how to best use your body to dress you in a classy and sophisticated manner. Do yourself a favor and always take your measurements so that your tailor always has the latest and most accurate numbers to work with when they are creating a masterpiece just for you. We highly suggest a custom tailor over a big house brand. With a tailor when you pay for your suit, you don’t have to worry about needing alterations. The suit is perfect from the very first day you try it on.