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Our Tailors is Visiting your city this month! Get fitted by our Expert Master Tailors! Order Custom made Suits, Custom Tailored Shirts, Blazers, Coats more. Hand Made in latest styles & colors you love! Customized by our expert craftsmen for the perfect fit. See our Tailoring Trunkshow schedule or Make an Appointment with the Tailor today!

My Custom Tailor On Line Presence And Travelling Roadshows

Consumer purchase patterns for nearly everything we buy now are transforming rapidly from an era where we depended on physical store locations to where we now heavily utilize on-line shopping sites via the internet. Retail store sites continue to experience less traffic in key consumer categories; furniture, autos, household goods, electronics, toys, and clothing. Lifestyle changes, economics, and convenience are key drivers of this trend. 

Clothing purchases are leading this trend. Consumers can view a full range of styles and fabrics from multiple sites; they can quickly and efficiently compare category groups and related pricing with a click of their mouse. Retail sites offer a variety of purchase options and discounts in drawing attention to their on-line sites. Sizes are easy to review and liberal return policies make it convenient for consumers to return what they don’t like or what doesn’t fit properly. Consumers enjoy the comfort and simplicity of shopping from home and appreciate the ability to compare pricing for similar products available from different retailers. Retail firms are more efficient in marketing to target demographics, while greatly reducing their advertising and related merchandizing spending.

My Custom Tailor, a global bespoke tailoring firm, has contributed to this trend for consumers that have learned the value of buying custom made clothing. My Custom Tailor started out and has evolved, by conducting Travelling Tailor Roadshows to major cities all over the world. Custom Tailors visit selective cities every year to service existing clients and attract new ones by displaying their fabrics and taking custom measurements from all that participate.

My Custom Tailor clients choose from a wide variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and finishing details in ordering made-to-measure clothes that satisfy multiple purposes, occasions, and lifestyles. Consumers that buy custom made clothes may initially purchase a custom suit and shirt, but they soon discover that customization serves them very well in ordering blazers, pants, shirts, blouses, ties, scarfs, and even jeans. Once you experience the difference in how made-to-measure clothes fit, it becomes less satisfying to return to buying off-the-rack clothing from retail stores.

Informed, experienced, and discerning shoppers are increasingly buying made-to-measure clothes on-line from established, custom-tailoring firms that specialize in providing tailor-made clothes for men and women. Think about having a trusted single source for buying suits, blazers, shirts, ties, pants, jeans, and formal wear from one on-line site. Women choose pant suits, skirt suits, pants, blouses, scarfs, and related accessories in addition to the items listed above. How about being able to order and purchase custom-made clothes on-line without paying more than you would by chasing clothes offerings from multiple retail stores?

Serving the Jewish Community 

My Custom Tailor has evolved a valuable working relationship with the Jewish Community. One of the advantages we enjoy from owning our manufacturing facilities is the capability to make custom clothes that meet religious requirements such as Halacha compliance and specifically the avoidance of Shatnez. Our quality control procedures are specified, when requested, to avoid any combination of wool and linen fabrics, fabric remnants or and threads to make clothes that are devoid of Shatnez. The Orthodox Jewish Community frequently buys custom made clothing to make sure their material and production requirements are strictly met. My Custom Tailor certifies its facilities in assuring the Jewish Community that we fully understand the meaning of Shatnez and that we take fastidious measures to make sure any attachment of wool to linen is rigidly avoided.  We have provisions within our order entry process for clients to request material and construction requirements with respect to religious or cultural compliance. My Custom Tailor does not charge extra in accommodating this level of delivery specification.

Our founders have long understood the importance of avoiding Shatnez in making clothing for the Jewish Community. In Judaism, Shatnez is the biblical prohibition against wearing wool and linen fabricated together in the same garment.  There are no subtle or acceptable exceptions to the avoidance of Shatnez.  Sewing, gluing, spinning, twisting or any other attachment method for combining wool and linen are impermissible.

So, linen thread can’t be used to sew wool pieces together and vice versa. While this may be commonly understood, it can be difficult or impossible to establish assurance that standardized and mass-produced material, fiber, and thread blends don’t include some remnant of linen or wool. This assurance from My Custom Tailor is a great source of comfort and confidence within the Jewish Community.

My Custom Tailor Roadshows

Travelling Custom Tailors display a full range of styles and fabrics that can meet the needs of the most demanding of clients as well as the most cost conscious. Part of the education process for new clients is the realization that custom-made clothes are no more expensive than comparable, off the rack items bought from retail outlets. Custom made clothes always fit better and the associated improvement in quality is significant.

Clients that get measured during a Travelling Tailor Roadshow have their measurements permanently catalogued within their unique “My Account” profile. While they may vary their purchase patterns over time, taking advantage of newly available fabrics and styles, their measurements are permanently stored and referenced with each new order submission. This assures that every new item ordered fits perfectly and coordinates well with the rest of your wardrobe. Changes in one's physical dimentions due to weight losss or gain can be communicated on-line for modification to stored fit dimensions.


My Custom Tailor Travelling Tailor Roadshows are enlightening and educational:

    Attendees quickly understand the personal satisfaction and value of working with a Custom Tailor whose expertise allows them to compare a variety of clothing options and choose from styles, fabrics, and finishing details customized to their specifications

    Attendees get expertly measured and gain confidence that custom made clothes will look and fit better than off-the-rack clothes

    There is a misguided perception that Custom suits and Custom Shirts are an expensive and impractical option for the average person. The reality is that the same level of quality will cost the same or less than clothes bought in a retail store.

    There can be concerns about whether measurements taken in person or sent over the internet will logically, precisely, and efficiently transform within a garment assembled and detailed in Thailand and delivered back to their home location. However, years of experience pave the way for this process to be seamless and productive.

The My Custom Tailor web site provides an ongoing schedule for when a roadshow will come to a major city near you. Once you confirm a location you wish to visit, there is a distinct sequencing of activities leading up to and beyond a roadshow event:

    An appointment is made online using the link Meet our Tailor and a confirmation is sent to you

    Reminders are sent confirming a specified date and time. The Visiting Tailor himself calls you to confirm the suite number where he will meet you

    Arrive in business attire and avoid wearing any type of casual clothes/shoes

    You will be assigned a unique client account number that outlines your profile within the My Custom Tailor database

    The Visiting Tailor will discover your specific preferences in terms of styles, fabrics, colors, etc., and show you a full range of options

    The tailor will inquire about your personal life style; what kind of activities you partake in, what kind of work you do, whether you have physical attributes you want accommodated, how much you sit or drive, etc.

    The tailor will finalize budget and style preferences and offer a short list of recommendations for best meeting your requirements

    He will show you samples that provide perspective for what you are considering and answer any questions you have

    50 traditional tailoring measurements will be taken and stored within your account profile

    A detailed and personal discussion of all the key variables is followed by order placement

Online Custom Tailor 

My Custom Tailor has evolved a sophisticated web site that displays and describes their multiple clothing collections, and provides detailed information regarding how custom clothes are designed, constructed, and finished. This comprehensive, instructional web site details the benefits of buying custom tailored clothing. Go to My Custom and navigate through the site to better understand the meticulous quality standards and the full range of tailoring and finishing artisans that work in their factories.

The latest innovation My Custom Tailor has introduced is the ability for clients to order custom clothing from their web site. The key to this innovative platform is the ability for clients to use a unique My Custom Tailor Measurement Kit to capture their essential fit dimensions and submit them with any order they place. The measurement kit comes complete with a video tutorial that provides detailed instructions on how to best take key measurements with the help of a partner or friend. Our experienced tailors calibrate or ‘auto check’ these dimensions to make sure they are complete and proportionally correct. Any questions or comments they have are shared with clients to confirm accuracy in finalizing the measurements to be used. Another option for providing measurements is the ability to mail a suit or shirt that fits you perfectly to our offshore facilities where we can construct a custom item based on the dimensions submitted.

If you don’t have an opportunity to attend one of our roadshows you can accomplish the same things by accessing our web site and proceeding as follows:

    Visit one of our online collection catalogues (Men’s or Women’s Collections). Select the type of clothing you wish to order (a suit, shirt, blouse, etc.), or use the “Shop by Style Search” feature to identify a specific clothing item you want to focus on . Choose the style you want.

    Click on the style or the ‘order’ button to select the style, color and fabric as shown in the image

    When designating the style, review the multiple fabric and color choices. Select the fabric and color you desire

    Select the measurements profile to be used for this item. If this is your first order, you can add a measurements profile on this page and send in the measurements any time after you have submitted the order. Send in your measurements by logging into your account and accessing the measurements portfolio tab.

    Next, you will see a series of tabs for further customizing your item. Here, various finishing accessories can be specified such as special linings, buttons, vents, sleeve cuffs, collars, pleats, monograms, etc.

    After completing your selections, proceed to the check-out page. Your order total will be visible at all times at the top right hand side of every page next to the shopping cart

    Provide billing and shipping information at checkout

    If you have not included the measurements or if we don’t have your measurements from a past order, simply log into your account and use the links in your measurements portfolio to quickly and easily specify dimensions. Or, complete the information listed in the My Custom Tailor Measurements Kit that we send you.

My Custom Tailor represents the ideal alternative to buying off-the-rack clothes by attending a roadshow event or ordering online


 Consider the potential benefits of a Custom Tailor relationship:


    A single source for buying 90% of your clothing needs

    A specialty source that can advise you on the best and most cost-effective materials for expanding your clothing wardrobe

    A source that has all your measurements and preferences on file

    A source where you choose from every possible option in terms of quality, style, fabric, color, and wearability

    A site where you can view a comprehensive collection of clothing items to choose from

    Being able to understand differences in clothing options and the price differential that distinguishes each one

    A personal level of expertise and customer service in helping you choose, order, configure, and deliver your choices

    Our fabrics encompass pure cottons and linens, authentic cashmere, super wools, and luxury silks for men's and women's suits

    Highly skilled Master Tailors and Cutters, with years of experience, provide extraordinary consistency and quality in the clothes they deliver

    We detail our custom-made clothes with the best available linings, hand-basted canvas, and buttons

    Monograms are relatively standard options in a wide range of styles and patterns

    Special design features like extra-large pockets, special collars, pleat patterns, stitching options, lining features, custom buttons, and comfort vents that turn ordinary suits, shirts, and pants into uniquely detailed custom garments

    These customizations provide personalization that only a Master Tailor can offer

While My Custom Tailor is a third generation custom clothing manufacturer, they continue to evolve practical, efficient, and cost effective innovations that allow thousands of people all over the world to order clothes of exceptional value that fit them to perfection.  Take the time to review the web site and order something that will give you the insight and perspective you need in changing your approach to buying clothes.