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Mens Custom Made Suits

Custom suits are an important staple of a man's wardrobe collection. Men typically purchase a range of suit styles and colors to satisfy their desires to be appropriately dressed for business, formal affairs, social events such as weddings, out to dinner occasions, and increasingly for casual gatherings. The price of a custom suit can range from a couple hundred dollars to well over 2000 dollars, so where you shop, how you get fitted, and how you make related finishing choices are very important to assure you get good quality and  appropriate value.


Many men shop for men's suits at well-known retail outlets or specialty clothing stores. They frequently choose from a range of displayed suits, available in multiple sizes, to choose an item that appears to fit well and look good. These outlets provide tailoring adjustments to make sure sleeves and pant legs are the right length, the waist fits correctly, and the suit jacket fits the midsection appropriately. Sometimes the tailoring is included in the price, but oftentimes tailoring charges are extra, adding as much as 10% to 20% or more to the final cost of the men’s suit.

Well-dressed men, and men that want to earn that distinction, are increasingly choosing to work with a master tailor in purchasing custom suits and shirts. Buying custom-made clothing is no longer a luxury distinction for only the wealthy and privileged. When a man first experiences the fit, the fabric choice, and the feel of a custom-made suit, he is well on his way to permanently changing the way he buys all his clothes. Not only do custom-made suits fit perfectly, after all they are made to a person’s specific measurements, they are a great value.  When off the rack suits are compared to custom-made suits of like material and finishing, the price is similar. The overall quality, appearance, and value of the custom-made suit are far superior.

Master tailors can be found in specialty tailoring shops or in high-end retail stores like Harrods in London or Saks Fifth Avenue in the US, for example. If you engage a retail outlet and you do not have a relationship with any of its salespeople, spend a few minutes looking for one whose clothing style impresses you. Ask him/her questions to make sure they understand your needs and the objectives for expanding your wardrobe. Ideally, he/she should be able to share insight into how to dress better while assisting you with your decision-making process. Part of this discussion will entail understanding how to engage a master tailor who can help makes modifications to what you buy or take your measurements for the purpose of providing you a custom-made suit.

Wearing something representative of what you are shopping for provides the salesperson with a starting point and the fitter with a tailoring guide. Should you go to the store intending to make a purchase, you should bring a dress shirt that fits perfectly. A dress shirt is a key element in the suit-fitting process; its collar height and sleeve length help the tailor configure an ideal jacket fit. Bring items you normally pack into your custom suit, such as a cell phone, an eyeglass case, or your wallet. This type of preparation will minimize the need to return for additional fittings. 


A master tailor has specialized expertise and experience in making custom suits uniquely configured to the style preferences and the precise measurements of an individual buyer. Master Tailors are artisans and may also be referred to as custom tailors or bespoke tailors. Their distinction lies in their ability to discover and understand the desires of a client, and offer style, fabric, fit, and finishing characteristics that perfectly satisfy those perceived client criteria.

My Custom Tailor is a great alternative to relying on retail outlets. Our travelling master tailors visit major cities all over the world every year to serve existing clients and engage new ones. My Custom Tailor takes precise measurements for all its clients and stores them in a database that can be referenced time and time again. Meeting with these travelling tailors gives prospective clients unique insight into current preferences for style, fabric, color and finishing detail. The quality and value of custom-made suits from My Custom Tailor is among the best you will find from any source.

Here are a few characteristics of the design and construction approach we take in meeting client specific requirements.


Suit styles and fabric preferences for men's suits have changed significantly over the past ten years.  Most men now wear their suits more tailored and with less padding.  This translates into more natural shoulders and lengths that meet individual style preferences. Pleated trousers are still very common but younger men are also buying suit pants with a plain front that give a slimmer look. When men become accustomed to collaborating with a Master Tailor to create men’s suits that complement their personalities, they find it hard to go back to traditional ways of buying them.

Some men find more satisfaction in their suits when they can discard the jacket while wearing a pair of slacks that are fitted and stylish. So, going to any event and looking great transforms to a more casual look when they take off the jacket. However, sometimes a formal look is required. Men like the option of wearing a suit without a tie or wearing a suit with a suitable shirt and tie for the appropriate occasion.

The classic suit is more popular than ever, but styles have evolved to where they look and feel more elegant and refined.  New materials are lighter and more tightly weaved. Wool is still the overwhelming choice, but today there are many more options that perform and wear better depending on how much they cost. You still get what you pay for; less expensive materials look good and will last for years if taken care of properly. More expensive materials have a unique sheen and feel to them. They stay crisp and wrinkle free longer and they can be effectively spotted without the need for constant dry cleaning. A top-quality wool suit only requires to be hung up a few hours to regain its fresh, pressed look.

Suits represent an extended dimension in today’s contemporary men’s wardrobe collection. Business suits and formal suits are staples for the typical range of daily wear and special occasion requirements. Formal wear is also important to have in the collection to make sure you are not stuck with trying to rent a tuxedo for a special event or a last minute formal occasion. These men’s suits are usually worn with some form of necktie. A suit that is matched with a shirt and tie combination that really accentuates the pattern and color of any suit is a great enhancement and one that will always to a source of envy and admiration.

Men are increasingly wearing suits for evening or weekend wear such as out to dinner occasions or party attendance. These suits are often worn with stylish, patterned shirts and no ties. Increasingly, suits are being designed for casual wear with unique styles, fabrics and colors that help define informal, elegant looks. While some men are turning away from wearing suits beyond business requirements, stylishly dressed men relish wearing the right suit for almost any social occasion.

My Custom Tailor offers a wide range of styles and fabrics that work best across all these suit requirements.  A man’s measurement profile may be different depending on the type of suit being custom made. The advantage of working with My Custom Tailor, or any custom tailor, is the value of having a single source for all collection styles. Based on the time of year, the purpose of the suit, fabric color, and the finishing detail desired, My Custom Tailor can custom make any suit, using any garment you choose.


The shoulders are a signature feature of any suit. Natural shoulders without a lot of padding are preferred. Unless a man is extremely slope-shouldered or self-consciously short and needs the illusion of greater height, padded shoulders should generally be avoided.

Today, designer suits reflect precise shoulder width dimensions. Since the shoulders frame the head, if they are cut too narrow, the head appears larger than it actually is. If the shoulders are cut too wide, the head appears disproportionately small. Sharp angles formed on either side of the head create an artificial formality that inhibits a natural drape and unconscious ease. These angles should be avoided.

Shoulder width should suit your eye in terms of how it allows the tailored suit to fall naturally over your physique. If the width hugs too narrowly, you will look constricted and will feel uncomfortable when you sit down. A suit that fits you well should be full enough to not pull open when you are standing and not be overly tight when you sit. Men with a full chest or bulging arms need special tailoring to make sure the suit accommodates their athletic build.

The correct length of an average men's jacket can vary based on how long their arms are and how tall they are. A suit that is too long makes a man look short.  One that is too short makes a man’s buttocks overly prominent. A Master Tailor knows how to use distinct body features to determine how long the suit jacket should be.  Individual client measurements guide the tailor to rely on his experience and expertise to establish a jacket length perfectly balanced with the overall suit design and construction.  When the fit is right it is clearly evident to the wearer and anyone admiring the overall fit of the suit.

Another key element of suit design is how the waste fits. The waist button determines how the suit comes together at the waist and how it enhances the fall of the jacket. If the waste button is off center, the overall jacket balance is usually compromised.  Since the waist button functions as a focal point, having it too high or too low can distort how it fits the torso.

Buying suits from a Custom Tailor allows you to work with the tailor to design what you want, in a color that pleases you, with details that differentiate you from others. The price of a custom suit is usually not much more than buying something off the rack. Getting what you want and having it fit perfectly is increasingly the best way to go. Find a Master Tailor and develop a relationship of friendship and trust. You may find that you start buying a lot more suits than you ever have before.