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Know About Custom Made Slacks Trousers And Pants

My Custom Tailor is an established, third generation manufacturer of custom-made clothes serving both men and woman clients all over the world. Custom-made clothes are no longer a luxury for the wealthy or privileged; they are increasingly available to everyone at prices similar to prices one would find at retail or specialty clothing stores. Ravis Travelling Tailors visit cities all over the world, educating new clients on the benefits of buying custom-made clothing designed and manufactured to their specific measurements.

These Master Tailors help you understand current fashion trends, the factors that make them popular, and the reasons you may want to consider them. They transition you from the dilemma of what to buy to the satisfaction of buying what is both stylish and appropriate for your needs and desires. They understand the foundation that drives both traditional and progressive offerings.

Ravis provides a wide range of clothing items and styles ranging from mens formal wear, suits, and casual clothing to working women formal clothing. This article will focus on understanding the design criteria for making trousers and pants that are essential in ordering suits, business slacks, and casual pants. Engaging a Ravis Master Tailor to help you determine the best features for any trouser purchase opens up a world of options. Your Custom Tailor can help you create anything that you want or are creative enough to imagine. 

Trousers are obviously an essential component of any suit. Suit trousers, Pants & Slacks, like suit jackets, require careful attention to how they fit, how they are lined, how they are hemmed, and how they are finished. They must complement the suit jacket so that the entire appearance is synchronized and comfortable. Pants that are worn as part of a separates outfit that includes sports jackets, sweaters, or vests are designed and finished differently that suit trousers. The fabric is often different; the styling is too. Did you ever think you would want to customize how many belts loops you have in order to complement your favorite belt? Anything is possible when you work with a Custom Tailor.

Today’s dress trousers, Pants or slacks are often pleated in the front as this represents a more formal look. Consider the pleat as a design element. The depth and placement of pleats is a very personal thing based on the size of your waste and hips. Dress pants are now predominantly flat in the front although some men and women still prefer pleated pants because they like the way they look and feel. Dressier occasions generally call for a pleated trouser. Casual pants are almost always flat front designed as are the wide selection of today’s fashion jeans. For causal occasions choose a flat-front pant that will be appropriate for luncheons, sporting events, and other informal gatherings.

To cuff or not to cuff

Deciding whether to have cuffs or no cuffs is mostly a personal preference decision. Generally, pleated suit trousers and dress pants will have cuffs. Sometimes cuffs are added to neutralize a physical feature; if a short person wear cuffs they have a tendency to shorter than they really are. The width and fold of the cuff is also something that will make a difference depending on the pant style or the fabric choice.  Using a Master Tailor means every little detail or preference is in play!

Choose an Appropriate Pocket

One thing most people take for granted is the design of pockets in any trouser or pant they buy. The design and size of the pocket in meeting custom requirements can vary greatly. A Master Tailor will help you understand the best choices depending on what type of body frame you have. A fuller pocket adds volume to your frame. A person with a small frame looking to expand the appearance of their frame will choose a fuller pocket. If, however, you have a full frame and are looking to neutralize your waste size, then a slit pocket that reduces bulk is a practical option. Some people have a tendency to carry of lot of things in their pockets; others prefer to have almost nothing in their pockets. The pocket design will help accommodate those needs while providing optimal comfort and appearance. You can establish a preference for one or two back pockets and the correct depth to accommodate the type of wallet you carry.

Select the Style of Pant Leg

Style is a big factor in determining the kind of trouser or pant you wear. Suit trousers and dress pants are designed to have a fuller look while casual pants will be cut thinner and more formfitting. Some people like the way a thinner cut feels and looks, while others like the comfort and appearance of pants that are cut fuller through the crotch and the thighs. If you are planning to wear your custom trouser to a business function, then select a wide leg trouser that will meet all dress code guidelines. Certain fabrics crease better, and the crease lasts longer. Picking a fabric that maintains a strong crease is worth a little extra for people who like a clean, crisp look even after hours of wear.

Your takeaway from this overview is that trousers and pants that are cut for mass merchandizing are usually not the right fit for someone used to buying custom clothes. Someone new to buying custom clothes will come to appreciate how individual preferences relating to style, fabric, color, and fit are routinely specified by a Master Tailor when he/she makes a custom clothing article. Your unique measurements will help the tailor create the best fit and the proper finishing details to make your custom-made trousers and pants perfect for you. When you purchase a suit, trousers or pants from a retail store, what are the chances the fit and feel will be anything close to what a Master Tailor would provide?

So, why engage a Master Tailor, and specifically a My Custom Tailor, to design and manufacture your trousers and pants? The key reason is to develop a trusted relationship with a single source clothing company that makes custom clothing at prices very similar to what you would pay at retail stores. While the price may be the same, the quality and workmanship that a Master Tailor provides are far superior. A Master Tailor has the experience and perspective of working with all type of fabrics and styles. When they ask you questions, they are gauging your design preferences as much as they are getting to know you personally. They take great pride in delivering custom clothing articles that meet or exceed your expectations. All your custom-made clothes will reflect your personal specifications, even though styling will vary according to when and how the clothes will be worn.

A Custom Tailor will offer special design features like extra-large pockets, special collars, pleat patterns, stitching options, lining features, custom buttons, and comfort vents that turn ordinary suits, shirts, and pants into uniquely detailed custom garments. This kind of resource advises you on how to choose the best and most cost-effective materials for expanding your clothing wardrobe. Pants make up half your wardrobe and deserve to be designed and finished to the same standards as your suit coats and shirts.  Think about the ability to choose from every possible option in terms of quality, style, fabric, color, and wearability.  My Custom Tailor fabrics encompass pure cottons and linens, authentic cashmere, super wools, and luxury silks for men's and women's suits.

Once you engage one of our Master Tailors and initiate a custom clothing order, your measurements will be taken and stored for permanent use, even when you order custom clothes remotely from the Ravis Web Site.  This is very assuring and convenient for all our global clients. Utilizing this kind of specialty platform will end the frustrating process of shopping multiple retail outlets and specialty stores to get the variety, the style, the fabrics and the colors that you desire. A My Custom Tailor will answer any questions you have and help you understand the myriad of clothing options and price differentials that distinguish them. This assures you will get the best combination of quality and price that work within your budget standards.

Highly skilled My Custom Tailor and Cutters are extremely valuable assets to Ravis and have been for several generations. Review the principals that define the design and finishing details they deliver to. Also, review the quality standards these Masters Tailors adhere to in designing and assembling the custom clothing they deliver.

The best way to see this in person and experience the unique engagement process is to attend a Travelling Tailor Roadshow event. Ravis Master Tailors travel to major cities all over the world to meet new clients and service existing ones. While you may want to initially buy some pants or shirts to determine how the experience works for you, meeting these tailors will give you unique access to a resource you have likely never met or thought you would ever have access to. They will educate you and show you samples of the styles, fabrics, and finishing details that will embed images and opinions that will stay with you forever.

You can also visit one of our online collection catalogues (Men’s or Women’s Collections) featured on our web site. You will have the ability to select the type of clothing you wish to order (a suit, shirt, blouse, etc.), or use the “Shop by Style Search” capability to identify specific clothing items you want to focus on. Choose the style you want. Follow the directions for completing the order in terms of finishing details and accessories. If ordering from the web site is your first exposure to Ravis, you can add a measurements profile and include it as part of your order. We’ll send you a measurements kit that will give you all the information you need to complete your measurements profile.

Send in your measurements by logging into your account and accessing the measurements portfolio tab. Order our MEASUREMENTS KIT and with the help of a friend or spouse document the simple measurement details needed for making your custom trousers, pants, suit, shirt or other clothing article. What a great way to get introduced to the satisfying experience of ordering custom made clothes at prices similar to what you pay for mass merchandized clothing. A customized fit for a clothing item made specifically for you is something you will feel good about and something that others will take notice of.

While My Custom Tailor is a legacy custom clothing manufacturer they continue to evolve practical, efficient, and cost-effective innovations that allow thousands of people all over the world to order clothes of exceptional value that fit them to perfection.  Take the time to review the web site and order something that will give you the insight and perspective you need in changing your approach to buying clothes. Turn your shopping experience into a purposeful and efficient process. Avoid the frustration of having to visit multiple stores to meet all your needs.

Another advantage is never having to pay extra for special tailoring because pant or sleeve lengths aren’t right, or your waist measurements don’t work with the pre-cut waist size associated with the size you bought. Have you noticed that a size 42 suit from one manufacturer fits differently than the same size bought through a different one? Think of the time savings you will realize.

The ultimate test of whether you like ordering custom-made clothes is how the new article looks and feels when you put it on after you receive it. The feeling is unique, and the look is distinct. If the fit isn't exactly what you expect, send it back and we will make the necessary alterations with no additional cost to you. Get started now and see for yourself.