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Best Custom Tailor For Custom Garments

Buying new clothes is an ongoing and necessary process but when we go looking for a new suit, a new dress, a new shirt/blouse, a new skirt, a new blazer, etc., we frequently get frustrated with where to go, what to buy and how much to pay. Do you get stuck going to the same place, choosing the best that is available, and paying sticker price year after year? There is a much better way that thousands of men and women have discovered. Did you ever think you could order custom-made clothes from a Master Tailor for about the same price you are paying at popular retail stores?

Some people buy new clothes because they must in maintaining a flexible, working wardrobe. Women are more resourceful in their shopping habits as many enjoy shopping with a passion. It becomes habitual in a way that helps them reduce stress and experience accomplishment. However, the more they shop the more daunting is the process of finding exactly what you want and having it fit in a way that accentuates your physique or body shape.  You now have the option of buying custom-made clothes through the expertise and skills of a Master Tailor

If you have never worked with a Master Tailor, the thought of choosing one may seem like a challenging or intimidating process. In fact, a relationship with a Master Tailor is enabling and empowering in helping you build and maintain a wardrobe that meets every attire need you have. A Master Tailor is more than a tailor; he or she has expertise that includes the knowledge of the latest fashion trends, a keen eye for the best fabrics, styling essentials, design fundamentals, and fit requirements. Like any other lasting relationship, choosing a Master Tailor is about identifying a person that you can closely work with over a prolonged period. Look for quality workmanship and extensive experience.  There are proven guidelines you should follow to make the process simple and rewarding.

My Custom Tailor is a third-generation manufacturer of custom-made suits and clothes that serves men and women all over the world. Our Master Tailors, also known as Custom Tailors, are among the most experienced and talented in the world. They adhere to proven design and assembly standards that differentiate them from anything available from any other source. My Custom Tailor tailors and fabric cutters are true artisans and specialize in designing and finishing custom-made clothes for both men and women. Their greatest distinction lies in their commitment to travel to major cities all over the world to serve their clientele. This allows new clients in particular to experience the unique process of having a Custom Tailor relationship.


A Master Tailor makes custom-made clothing that is designed and assembled for specific clients. They don’t start with a certain mindset for how they can sell a clothing article that they favor or have extensive experience with. Custom-made clothing is a creative convergence of fashion essentials and fabric preferences to create a unique clothing creation that fits perfectly and makes the client feel good. The product is a transformational evolution of clear communications and mutual understanding between the client and the Custom Tailor. In anticipation of working with one of these artisans to create a new article of clothing, think about how different the process would be. Rather than looking at multiple items off a store rack, you are defining criteria for a particular article of clothing in consultation with a fashion and design artisan working specifically for you.

The first thing that occurs to you is while this is a wonderful way to buy new clothes, you’re thinking you will have to pay a premium price to get a custom-made article designed specifically for me. Wrong! This is where the experience becomes even more satisfying. When you buy an article of clothing from My Custom Tailor and compare it with an off-the rack article from a retail store or specialty clothing shop, you will confirm that the price is about the same. As long as the material and finishing detail is similar, you won’t pay a premium to buy custom-made clothes from a My Custom Tailor. The big difference will be in the quality of workmanship and the customized fit. Going forward, you’ll forever have difficulty buying clothes that satisfy you from a retail outlet.

What differentiates My Custom Tailor Master Tailors from other custom tailors you encounter when you visit brand retail outlets? My Custom Tailor Master Tailors are trained by a long line of experienced artisans that have served My Custom Tailor clients for many years. Review the quality standards they adhere to in every clothing article they make. What are some of the distinctive things you will see in a My Custom Tailor designed and assembled suit?

    The pant legs, skirt hems, and sleeves will appear perfectly aligned and finished

    The cuffs and seams will be perfectly stitched and evenly spaced

    The chosen fabric and color blend beautifully throughout the garment

    There are no awkward tucks or folds anywhere that suggest improper assembly or finishing

    The buttonholes line up perfectly. You may have chosen custom buttons that complement the suit and they sit perfectly attached and aligned

    The collar sits naturally with the necessary level of basting and stitching enabling a perfect flow and drop off your shoulders

    The fit around your legs, waist, hips, chest and shoulders is perfectly symmetrical

    Where needed, extra padding or stretch has been positioned, enabling a perfect fit

    Zippers are expertly sewn in with no tell tail bulge or stretch

How do you find such a tailoring asset?

Initially, you look for someone that can relate to the styles you seek and your preferences for fabric, color, fit, and finishing. A true Custom Tailor will go out of their way to understand your past preferences and in what direction you seek going forward. They’ll provide lots of options and show you multiple examples of the materials they frequently work with and finished articles they have made. They will understand and qualify the any limitations that define your shopping budget. They can work within any budget you specify.

The Master Tailor will answer all your questions and anticipate others that need answers from the full scope of your interaction. He will give you honest feedback about the type of fit you should seek and the pitfalls of certain styles that may not suit you. He will give you advice on how to accentuate or neutralize certain figure characteristics.  When everything is finished and delivered you are the one wearing the custom wardrobe, so you must ensure that the result is a reflection of your personality and is a perfect collection that meets all your business and/or social needs.

The most important consideration in selecting a Master Tailor is how well your personalities mesh. Are you comfortable communicating with him/her and sharing information that can be very personal?  While your first visit might entail an extensive conversation, is this relationship able to withstand a long-distance interaction using the My Custom Tailor Website or the telephone?   Look for traits like the ones you favor in choosing close friends. You’ll want to share this resource with your friends and work with them in collectively ordering a wide array of custom-made clothes.

Beyond styling and fashion design, it is essential to trust that a Custom Tailor will capture your measurements comprehensively and accurately. Your measurements become the foundation for making your custom clothes. Every measurement must be meticulously documented, and the tailor must have the experience to suggest where you may need a little extra room or flexibility. Men and women have different fit standards, and an experienced tailor will naturally gravitate to the areas that can stand enhancement of that need to be neutralized. Working with a My Custom Tailor Master Tailor is the best way to realize the highest standards of quality, workmanship, and quality. 

My Custom Tailor conducts Travelling Master Tailor Roadshows in major cities all over the world every year. They meet with existing clients and new ones at these roadshow sites to educate them on the benefits of ordering custom-made suits and other clothing articles designed and fitted to specific client specifications. This is the best way to observe and process the differentiated quality and value you get from a relationship with a Master Tailor. These roadshows educate consumers on the value and quality of custom-made suits as an alternative to clothing items purchased from popular retail outlets and specialty clothing stores.

Attending a roadshow is a unique, entertaining, and informational experience. Travelling Master Tailors bring fabric samples, finished pieces, and styling examples that educate prospective clients on the value of buying custom-made clothes. You can bring with you clothing articles that you are very fond of but that no longer fit or you can’t find anywhere. This allows you to show the tailor a style that you want him to duplicate or replicate in a different suit or clothing item.

Getting measured by a Master Tailor is a fascinating and enlightening experience. The tailor takes many measures as he completes your profile. You immediately appreciate how precise he is in capturing your measurements. He factors in fit relationships and proportions that few tailors even understand never mind know how to include. Sometimes you can’t attend a roadshow near you. However, you can order a measuring kit that will allow you with the help of a friend or partner/spouse to capture the same profile the tailor would produce. Order one of these measurement kits if you are working on an online order of a custom-made clothing item.

If you don’t see a roadshow location coming to your city, you can still engage My Custom Tailor resources over the internet and then ask any questions you have by calling our customer service group. Here’s how you get started:

    Visit the My Custom Tailor Website and review one of the online collection catalogs and review style options. Choose the one(s) that suits you best.

    Click on the form or the ‘order’ button to select the style, color, and fabric as shown in the image

    When designating the style, review the many fabric and color choices. Choose the fabric and color that suits you desire

    Select the measurements profile for this item. If this is your first order, you can add a measurements profile on this page and submit your measurements any time after you have submitted the order. Or, complete the information listed in the My Custom Tailor Measurements Kit that we will send you.

    Next, you will see a series of tabs for further customizing your item. Here, various finishing accessories can be specified such as buttons, sleeve cuffs, collars, monograms, etc.

    After completing your selections, proceed to the check-out page. Your order total will be visible at all times at the top right-hand side of every page next to the shopping cart.

    My Custom Tailor customer support personnel are available to answers any questions you have or help you make final decisions. Their contact information is provided as part of the order entry details.

    Provide billing and shipping information at checkout

If possible, visit a My Custom Tailor Travelling Tailor Roadshow and initiate a dialogue with one of the Travelling Master Tailors. Give him a detailed description of what you want and a budget range you want to stay within. This budget should be consistent with what you think you would spend on the wardrobe you would buy from retail outlets.  Have your measurements taken and documented. Assuming the cost of a custom-made suit is very close to your available budget; think about the advantages of having that same wardrobe item made by My Custom Tailor:

    The suit will fit perfectly because it is made to your exact specifications

    The fabric will be the best you can buy for the type of suit and budget range  you have specified

    Accessories in the form of linings, buttons, pleats, collars, waist details, cuffs, zippers, etc., will be much better than what you will get from mass merchandized clothes

    The suit will be designed and assembled by master tailors and cutters, all of which are true artisans with years of experience.

    The quality standards will be the best available

    A potential single source for suits and all your wardrobe needs

    Your measurements are on file as part of your My Custom Tailor Profile so you can order more custom-made clothes at the click of your figure.

My Custom Tailor has been doing business this way with thousands of clients all over the world for 30 years. Our clients are very loyal supporters and repeat customers. We look forward to getting started with you soon.