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A Very Reasonable Price Men And Women Custom Suit

How to Buy a Custom Suit

Men and women are learning the benefits, quality, and value of buying custom-made suits from a Master Tailor. Master Tailors are true artisans with unique expertise and experience in the specialty of making custom-made suits for an expanding, global client base. Known also as Custom Tailors or Bespoke Tailors, they develop relationships with clients built on knowledge and trust. The more clients come to understand how to engage and depend on a Master Tailor, the more confident they are in buying an increasing percentage of their clothes from custom-made clothes manufacturers.

The difference between relying on multiple retail outlets versus custom-made clothes manufacturers as a source for buying custom suits is a matter of personal attention and a relationship with a Master Tailor. It is technically not possible to buy a custom-made suit from a retail store because these suits are mass produced in specific sizes that reflect proportions and dimensions of an average size fit. Unless, of course, you have one of their custom tailors make the suit to your specifications. Those specifications almost always refer to your measurements only, rather than what you would specify for styling and fabric, were you asked. You likely wouldn’t be educated on the tradeoffs associated with styling, fabric, and finishing in terms of value and cost.

Most retail outlets will have on-site tailors that do alterations to take a suit that remotely fits you to where it fits “pretty well’. The background and qualifications for these on-site tailoring resources vary from someone with limited experience to someone that might have learned tailoring through working in the trade for years. In most cases these resources will not be Master Tailors. If they happen to have extensive tailoring skills, they work for the retail outlet and will charge a significant premium to make you a custom-made suit with limited fabric, styling, finishing, and accessory options that the retail store favors to maximize what they make on these custom-made suits. The cost for these items can range from $1500 to $4000+.

My Custom Tailor is a third generation manufacturer of custom-made suits that serves men and women all over the world. Their preferred method of engagement with new clients is to have them  interact with My Custom Tailor Master Tailors that constantly travel to cities all over the world and conduct Travelling Tailor Roadshows. These roadshows are designed to educate consumers on the value and quality of custom-made suits as an alternative to suits purchased from popular retail outlets and specialty clothing stores. Attending a roadshow is a unique, entertaining, and informational experience. Travelling Tailors bring fabric samples, finished pieces, and styling examples that educate prospective clients on the value of buying custom-made clothes that meet specific buyer desires.

The key to evolving trust with a Master Tailor is building a relationship that starts with information sharing. My Custom Tailor Master Tailors are strong two-way communicators with particularly good listening skills. When you meet one of these tailors at a roadshow event, you will find them first and foremost interested in you as a person and as a novice buyer of custom-made clothes. As you embark on your quest to build a quality wardrobe, one of the first purchases that you will consider is a custom-made suit. The Travelling Master Tailor will establish a dialog based on the following agenda:

    What kind of suits have you bought in the past and what do you like or dislike about your current suit wardrobe?

    What are your preferences for styling, fabric, and color? Have you favored certain brands or designers in your past purchases?

    What kind of fit do you prefer? The Tailor will give you honest and insightful information on the type of styling options you should consider. He will answer any questions you have on how to best accentuate or neutralize certain elements of your particular body shape.

    He will conduct an extensive measurements profile. A custom-made suit is made to individual specifications. He will communicate why you need special fitting in key areas that define your profile.

    He will show you examples of suit collections you can choose from. He will show you fabric and color samples and explain the benefits of the type of materials her can work with. He will explain the value of certain accessories and finishing details that differentiate custom-made suits.

    He will understand the budget range you desire to stay within.

    You can bring a suit you currently own and ask him to use it as a guide for making new suits. Perhaps you have something you bought in the past that fits you great but needs updating or replacement.

    Based on how and where you will wear your suits, he can suggest optimal fabrics to consider. Men and women that travel extensively want materials that don’t wrinkle excessively and are more resistant to staining and for this reason we also offer fabrics that are wrinkle free for custom suits and non iron custom shirt and dress pants, slacks and trousers.

    As you evolve through the discussion, you will be in a position to make a decision on what to order. The tailor is your fashion and design consultant. He can help you determine how to get the most from your investment. You can buy multiple pant and skirt styles to coordinate with the suit jacket. He can help you understand how to further versatility by suggesting shirt, blouse, and scarf combinations that will help you extend your wardrobe.

In terms of your styling preferences, you will be guided into understanding multiple options for buying a custom-made suit:

    Choose a double breasted suit , Three piece suit or a single breasted suit. A single-breasted option will reduce the size of your frame, while a double-breasted and three piece option will add volume to your frame. Depending on your frame, you can make a choice that will either accentuate or camouflage your physique. Your height will be a factor in this decision.

    How many buttons do you prefer and what kind of button materials? The most common button option for custom-made suits is two or three buttons. This option provides variety in that you can choose to either button only the middle button or opt for the bottom two buttons. You will want a design that allows you to leave the coat unbuttoned in a way that doesn’t look awkward or ill fitting.

    What kind of lapel do you favor? You can choose a wide or thin lapel depending on your style preference. Lapel sizes change with the fashion trends; timeless designs feature lapels that are between three and four inches.

    Design pants and/or skirt features. Do you want pleats or do your prefer no pleats? How large do you want the cuff to be? What style and size pockets do you prefer?

    Fabric selection. Your fabric choice will be based on the climate that you live in and your personal preferences. If you live in a warm climate, cotton is an excellent choice based on its breathable quality. The most popular choice is wool because wool can be worn year round. There are many other fabric choices for suits that can be chosen in creating the most versatility.

    There are additional subtle differences that relate specifically to men versus women. True Master Tailors have extensive experience in making custom-made suits for both sexes.