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Your Instant 3D body scaning

Your instant 3D body scan to deliver precise body measurements on your smart phone / tablet screen.


Download Mirrorsize Application

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Login to the application

Open the App and Login with the credentials given below



Get yourself scanned using the App.Instructions are provided in the app once you login.
Your body measurements will be displayed once you are done, It will only be a few seconds.
Mirrorsize product demo

How application works

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mirrorsize sign
Sign up

Sign up/Login to get started (or start as guest user)

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mirrorsize gender
Height & Gender

Enter your accurate height and select your gender

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mirrorsize mobile
Set your device

Set your device vertically straight at a 90 angle

mirrorsize 4
mirrorsize front
Get clicked - front

Step back 8 - 10 ft. to stand straight as shown in the picture

mirrorsize 5
mirrorsize clickside
Get clicked - side

Turn right with feet joined as shown in the picture

mirrorsize 6
mirrorsize body
Your body measurements

Precise body measurements displayed on your device